Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanks to bearing 2 fun loving little boys...

I now need to wear on of these

When I get on one of these.

Thanks boys.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A gift straight from the heavens

Did you know that if you boil a can of Sweetened Condensed milk for 3 hours it turns into the most wonderful caramel you have ever tasted?!

I do not kid about serious things like caramel that has been kissed by angels.

Your Welcome.

We were going to make caramel apples with our neighbors, but smart me accedently put my phone on vibrate and didn't hear the call to join them.

Since I am a mother that doesn't want to disappoint my boys. ;)

We made some here and they LOVED it.

Wild Man looks like he's about to do a rap over how happy he is.


So tonight I got a call from the director of a christian preschool here that I have been wanting to get Conner into.

They have an opening!!!!!!

He can start on Monday!

Praise be to God, Hallelujah!

I do not have to homeschool anymore!

All you homeschooling moms out there with younger kids. I tip my hat to you.

Wild Man LOVED me teaching him. Romeo had trouble with Wild Man getting more attention then him. I tried all sorts of things, but anything I did it would distract Wild Man and I would have to work on getting him refocused which in return get Romeo frusterated, then so on and so on.

Plus I think Wild Man needs to take direction from someone else besides me. 

Here's go to hoping we don't scare the teacher away on Monday!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Little Dude's new do

I thought it was about time for Wild Man's hair to match his personality.

I wanted it to be a little longer on top and have the messy/spikey look. But I live and learn over boy haircuts.

Wild Man loves his new do, he thinks he looks like Diego.

I will break it to him when he is older that he isn't of Spanish decent.

Monday, November 16, 2009

My praying Romeo

We had some good college friends come to visit us this weekend.

We had a great time with Nate and Morgan. Which we forgot to take any pictures of them. Sorry guys. Morgan is a great singer and had some gigs here is our great city. 

On Saturday we meet up with them downtown to eat some pizza, then some cheesecake, and of course some shopping.

We totally wore the boys out.

On the drive home sweet Romeo fell asleep.

Isn't that just precious, he fell asleep doing his night time prayers.

Thank you Lord for children, they make you smile at any occasion.