Monday, June 13, 2011

Wildflower blue dresser and french side tables

I just did two different styles on these pieces cuz I like to change things up a bit.

Don't you?

That is how I make my life a little more interesting. Cuz the rest of my life is pretty boring.

Well one exciting thing for our little family is that Mr. Genius has been saving his pennies for a while and finally bought the camera he has been drooling over for a while.

Yay! So no more pictures taken by my iPhone! Well at least the after pictures.

So I good news for you guys! Better pictures!

So lets get right to it. I got this dresser. Let me tell you. This dresser is HEAVY!! But it isn't sad. :(  Just particle board.

Oh and these were taken with my phone, this is pre awesome camera purchase day.

And I also got these round french side tables.

For the dresser I used Wildflower blue spray paint. I long for the day when I can get a real paint sprayer. So until then I will use spray paint on some of my projects.

Here is the after with the awesome camera, but we did not take it inside due to the weight of it. I was not in the mood carrying this insanely heavy dresser inside just to take it right back out again.

I used the same white knobs that I used on the green dresser.

I love the simpleness of the knobs.

The doors each have a shelf inside for storage of bigger things.

Then for the french style round side tables.

I stained the top, painted the bottom white and then glazed it.

But what the picture doesn't show but you can completely see in person, is that inside the tables I painted them with the wildflower blue.

Just a little hint of a surprise.

I really like them. But alas there is no where to put them in my house.

There are available to anyone in the Chicago land area.

Now back to the fancy shmancy camera Mr. Genius got, let's compaire a picture that I took with my phone and what a picture looked like the real camera looks like. Cuz I know there are some people out there that can't tell a different...*cough*cough* mom *cough*cough*

Here is a picture taken with my phone.

Now this is the one taken by Mr. Genius.

Can see you how much clearer the picture is?

For a phone the iPhone takes incredible pictures, but I think that the canon camera is just amazing.

It is great to have a built in photographer in the family now!

He only requires payment in Dr. Pepper!

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Antique dresser and an ornate mirror

Today I want to show you a piece that I worked on a while back ago and it is already sold. But I thought it might help some of you that might find a dresser that is in bad shape to show you that it still has some potential. 

In the beginning of our never ending winter I got this antique dresser.

Is that not the worse picture ever?!

I do believe that this day that I took it, the tempurature was waaaaaayyyyy in the negatives. So far in the negatives we forgot what the positives felt like. So that is why the picture was so bad because there was no way I was going to open that garage door to get some resemblance of natural light. Plus I am just a wimp in the winter.

Remember when I made my huge picture frames?

Well, this dresser was the cutting board for the project. I live on the edge that way. ;)

Notice the dresser on the left and you can kind of see how the bottom drawer is all wonky.

So sorry for the bad pictures, but you can see that it is brown and the bones of the piece were good.

So when it warmed up to at least in the 30s (which is what these people here call spring) I started working on this piece.

I took out the bottom two drawers and made shelves.

Then I added trim.

I stained the top and painted the rest white and added some big crystal knobs.

I love how the top is curvy.

Here is something else that I just got done. I got this mirror with a dresser, but the two didn't really look good together. Being the ever demanding person that I am, I declared them divorced and seperated them.

Here is the before (it is leaning against the dresser it came with). I will be showing you the dresser next week, I am still working on it.

And here is the after.

Isn't the power of paint just crazy?

Ok Chicagolanders let me know if you are interested in the mirror.

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