Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It. Is. Finished.

God took 7 days to create the entire world.

It takes us...with the help of grandparents... 4 days, just to build a playset.

Mr. Genius' parents came to visit this past weekend.

So Mr. Genius thought he would enlist his dad to help him build a playset that we bought the weekend before.

Thinking it would just take Saturday afternoon and maybe a little bit of Sunday afternoon to finish it.

Boy were we wrong.

The men started around 9 am on Saturday.

It was the perfect putting a playset up weather...cold and rainy and of course...windy.

Sorry paw-paw. I hope you didn't get sick.

Wild Man and Romeo wanted to help out so bad but it was too cold even for them.

By 4 o'clock on Saturday they finished this much.

They got to page 20 something out of 54.

Sunday they got up to page 48 when Mr. Genius realized that there were some bolts or screws or something that is important, missing.

Soooooo we didn't get it done on Sunday.

Mr. Genius' parents flew back to TN and over Monday and Tuesday when he had a break he was working on it.

Who knew that a premade playset would be so time consuming?!

Finally last night it was finished!!

So Nana and Paw-paw, here is the finished product.

Of course Romeo likes it because Wild Man likes it.

All weekend I saw little faces peaking out and watching the construction of the new playset. As soon as my boys got was free game. To my boys delight we now have the playset/backyard that everyone wants to play at...that is til someone else decides to build a new one.

It is hard to tell from the picture but there are 3 levels to the tower. Wild Man calls the top part, the sky tower.

When he wants to play in the playset he asks if he can play in the sky. :)

Tomorrow night I am flying to TN! BY...MY... SELF!!!

Hopefully out of habit I won't ask perfect strangers if they need to go potty. *fingers crossed*

I am going to a cousin's wedding and getting to spend some alone time with my mom.

Which really means there will be shopping and decorating!

So thank you again Nana and Paw-paw! If you guys didn't help I am pretty sure Mr. Genius would still be out there working on putting all those sticks together through to next weekend. 

Monday, April 26, 2010

A Girl!

Well not mine...but my across the street neighbor had one.

After two boys and then a whoops moments... 9 months later she has a sweet baby girl to hold.

Today I got to take care of her two sweet boys whom my boys LOVE while baby E was being delivered. They entertained each other and it was actually an easier day for me.

Who knew that 4 boys would be easier then 2 boys?!

My boys taught N the importance of digging in the dirt.

Our boys are very close in age.

I still took Wild Man to school today...because he asked to go. I walked into the school with Romeo (almost 2 and a half), E who is 22 months but the exact same size as Romeo, Wild Man (4 yrs) and N (almost 4). Mind you they are all blond headed and do look a lot alike.

In that short walk to Wild Man's class I got no less then 3 comments of "Are they ALL yours?", not counting all the stares.

Now I know how to make a scene without even opening my mouth.

Baby Girl E and mom are doing great and I can't wait to hold her and smell that new baby smell!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shaklee giveaway

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Not your grandmother's cupboard

This is a story of a cupboard.

It started out so tall.

A little too tall for our liking.

So we cut its legs down to size.

Then I used some Ikea stain and learned the moms are always right now matter what your age is. 

Then we learned the wonderous joys of spray paint.

In less then one day I had this:

Ahh, much better.

Off to Hobby Lobby we went or as my Nannie calls it, Roly-Polys and got some scrapbook paper.

So that the paper wouldn't be so bright I hired my Wild Man to help me stain it with coffee.

I agreed to pay him in Chicken nuggets.

Once the paper dried I have a neat backdrop.

Then go to Anthroplogie with blinders on and try you ever lovin best to only look at the knobs.

You fail, but don't get down for too long.

Then you fill it up with all the white dishes and a the small silver pieces that you can find.

Ta Da...

Much better now.

I am linking to these parties. 


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why do I even bother?

Mr. Genius' parents are coming in this weekend. So I thought it would be nice for them to actually have sheets on the guest bed and maybe a clean towel for them to use to dry off their bum.

Not to mention that we like to wear clean clothes, and we were about to not be able to.

So Mr. Genius and I started cleaning the house. I turned on a movie for the boys and asked them to stay in the den.

The good news is they obeyed me!

The bad news is that when Mr. Genius and I were done doing a quick cleaning of the house the den looked like this.


Then Wild Man wanted some apple and while I was drinking some water. He started choking and the sacred look on his face freaked me out even more.

In the panic I dropped my glass which shattered EVERYWHERE then Wild Man threw up all over the floor.

So Nana and Paw-paw... we tried.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I heard the nester was having a linky tassel party and I thought I would give it a try.

All through out high school my mom made A LOT of tassels. Every knob, hook, tab, and vase adorn her handmade tassels. My brothers and I would jokingly say that mom would make her first million making tassels.

So I thought well I saw mom make all those tassels and since she bore me and all it should just come naturally to me to make a beautiful tassel.

Well I have failed miserably.

I thought I would make a cowboy tassel to go into Mr. Romeo's room.

I picked Romeo's room because I found woody's hat.

You know woody. Right?

My boys aren't really into dolls so I stole Woody's hat and thought I could do something with it.

After a lot of cutting and hot gluing, I came up with this.

So I can't decide if the top looks like a 20s flapper dress or cousin it.

Oh well I tried.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I have learned over the past month that there are A LOT of linky parties out here on blog land.

I thought I would share some of the parties I have found. As I find more I will update this post.


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