Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our day with Thomas...

the train that is.

Yes folks we went to see Thomas the train (in person I might add). I know you all are jealous that you didn't get to hear that theme music over and over and over and over again. Now don't you worry your pretty little heads, Thomas will be in your area soon.

Pop and JJ bought us the tickets so Mr. Genius and I could have some fun with Wild Man while they had some quality time with Romeo. When we got there I am so glad that we didn't take Romeo, because it was really hot. I mean REALLY HOT!

We first walked into Thomas' World or for all those Thomas fans out there, our local Island of Zodor. Wild Man went straight for all the train sets. It was amazing to see all the Thomas train sets and about 30 little boys in total amazement, standing still in their on little spot, playing, not fighting, and pretty quiet. That like never happens.

Mr. Genius and Wild Man got to ride on a little train to get him geared up for the big one.

There were a few inflatables too.

I have decided to turn one room in my house into an inflatable room. So that way when you get a little frustrated with your kids and feel like throwing your kids around, you won't get arrested for it.

Did I mention that we started potty training? Yeah, being frustrated is an understatement.

They even had a little petting zoo, where we got to feed the animals.

I brought Wild Man's conductor outfit thinking it would be cute to have on in case we could get a picture with Thomas. I quickly decided against it when we got there and realized it was 200 degrees outside. Oh wait, I am sorry, I was exaggerating. It was 150 degrees.

When we got on the train Wild Man dug through his backpack and decided himself he wanted to put it on anyways. I am glad cuz he looked so cute.

The train drove by a huge parking lot full of school busses. More school busses then Wild Man could even think of. He was indeed quite speechless.

Sir Topham Hatt thought he was cute too. He got to be a Jr. Engineer.

Here is Wild Man with his beloved Thomas

Thanks Pop and JJ

Monday, August 25, 2008

New Pjs

JJ bought the boys some cute, matching Pj's. The cool thing about them is that they glow in the dark! Wild Man was very excited about these Pj's and I couldn't wait to show him. So I stuck the boys in my bathroom with the bright idea of taking a picture of them in the matching Pj's.

Here are my happy boys

Then I had the bright idea that I would take a picture of them glowing in the dark. But smart me forgot to turn the flash off.

I think I freaked Romeo out and interrupted Wild Man trying to look at himself glowing.

And them I had an even brighter idea to turn the flash off and take a picture of them glowing.

You can see a few specks of green. Oh well. In my defense they were glowing really bright in person.


When I put Wild Man to bed with his Pj's, he wasn't as impressed with them. After I turned off the light he started screaming "Turn them off, turn them off!"

Friday, August 22, 2008

My Turn

My sister in law, Jenny, has tagged me to share 6 random things about me.I am a pretty random person anyways, so I actually had to narrow my list down to just 6.

So here goes:

1. I wear a pedometer about everyday. Yes I am a nerd, but I am trying to walk at least 10 ,000 steps everyday. My goal is actually 11,000. You should try it. It is harder then you think.

2. Due to all my couponing and shopping the sales, I have had to make a 2nd pantry in the house. What use to be our linen closet. Mr. Genius thinks it looks like I am hoarding for a nuclear war or something.

3. I just quit nursing Romeo. It was a hard decision, but one day when I gave him a bottle I could tell he was so much happier and he ate a third of the table food he was eating before. And in just this week I think he has gained 2 or 3 lbs. He is starting to get those rolls at the tops of his legs. I love those rolls. Not on me just on babies.

4. I love hard boiled eggs. It totally grosses Mr. Genius out which is actually kind of fun to do. ;)

5. I am totally addicted to Facebook. It is so much fun catching up with old friends. I recommend everyone to get on it. You will be suprised who all you find on it and who finds you.

6. For some strange reason when I was pregnant and nursing (which has been just about 3 years straight!) I wouldn't eat salads. They kind of grossed me out. I used to eat at least 6 a week, they were my favorite food. But know that I am not giving nourishment to anyone else besides myself, I have fallen back in love with salads again. But my big accomplishment is that I have gotten Wild Man to like salads too! The other day I gave him a choice of a hot dog or a salad for lunch and he chose a salad! I was so proud.

Ok now I have to tagged some friends so we can learn 6 random things about you.

I tag Beth, Lindsey, Lori, and Katie. Good Luck!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Spending time with dad

Whenever Mr. Genius has time with the boys, he takes like a million pictures. It started because I never remembered to take pictures (which is why I started a blog) so the only picture we would have are the ones that Mr. Genius took.But he usually takes good ones. Here are some he took just the other day.

You would think that you could see Romeo's teeth in this picture. But believe me he has 7 teeth now, and his favorite thing to do is bite mom's shoulders with them.

I don't know why this picture came out so grainy. But I wanted to show Romeo's new face. He sticks his tongue out all the time now.

Little boy heaven and a little visitor

The Discovery Center here is Murfreesboro is WONDERFUL! I highly recommend it to everyone with young kids.

My grandmother, Nannie, gave the boys a season pass to it and we are using it to its fullest.

Last week when we went they just opened the wheels exhibit, aka Little Boy Heaven.

It has all types of cars for the kids to play with.

They have a car that you can change the tire.

And add oil or washer fluid, not sure which.

As you can see on the car Nissan contributed a lot for this exhibit.

But the most exciting part was a Thomas video that played over and over and over and over...

I think you get the idea.

Luckily you have to pick up a phone looking thing to hear the video.

So I didn't go crazy having to repeatedly listening to that Thomas theme song.

Which allowed me to keep my sanity just one more day.

They had a car city. Kind of like a huge train table but with roads.

You can't tell in the picture, but the table is quite large.

They even have a place upstairs that Romeo could play while I could still watch Wild Man.


When Romeo sucks his lips in and sticks a little bit of his tongue out it means he is concentrating on something... usually his diaper.

I don't know what Wild Man did the 3 seconds I was looking away. But he sure looks guilty.

Outside there are some ducks.

Wild Man loves the ducks.

The ducks don't love Wild Man.

After he ran after then screaming.


He was frustrated that they wouldn't come towards him so he did the only thing that he knew that works on him.


As you can tell he hears that a lot through out the day.

After we got back from the Discovery Center, mom and dad, aka JJ and Pop, brought over something they found in their garden.


A caterpillar.


Last week we went to the zoo. Here are some pictures from our visit.

Here is Wild Man yelling at the birds.


I case the birds didn't know what they were suppose to say, Wild Man wanted to inform them.

After yelling at the birds, it looked like Wild Man was a little nervous to stand close to one I think he thought they were going to attack.

Wild Man and Romeo looking at the birds.

Wild Man tells me at least once a day that I am as tall as a giraffe. I am enjoying that complement while I can, Because he will probably be taller then me when he enters into Kindergarten.

Not only does Wild Man like to brush the goats, but he likes to show me every single piece of goat poop that is all around us. When I am clearly trying to overlook that part of the petting zoo.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Our bike trip today

Conner staying up an hour and a half past bedtime + Getting up at the normal early time =

Falling asleep on top of a very unhappy Romeo.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Will's a Big brother!

My good friend Sandie has just had a little boy, Patrick, 7lbs 7oz (I think).

Today Will (her oldest son) stayed with us while little Patrick was entering this world.

Wild Man and Will's Birthday's are only 9 days apart. Sandie and I went to all the birthing classes together and pretty much bonded together during our pregnacy. So these boys were friends 9 months before they were born.

But they can not be more different.

Wild Man is quite active (If you didn't already know that) and Will is one of the calmest children you would ever meet. He actually listen to you and does what you say when you say it.

I know, shocking coming from a 2 year old.

Anyways, Wild Man has a little issue with sharing.

Wild Man went into time out quite a few times today due to said issue.

Which resulted into this quite a few times when he would say he was sorry.

Isn't that so cute.

I would want Wild Man to go into time out just to see this again.

I also wanted to show a picture of Will eating.

This was my first experience with a picking eating child.

I knew Will was a picky eater so I got pizza. I thought you couldn't go wrong with pizza. So I got a cheap Tombstone, nothing exciting.

Will took one bit of the pizza and turned to me and told me it was "Nasty".

I thought I miss understood him and told him to repeat himself. He again said "Pizza is Nasty."

I of course started laughing hysterically and Will just looked at me like what are you going to do about it.

Wild Man eat his and Will's pizza, Will ate grapes. The only thing in my fridge he didn't give a gross look to when I offered it to him.

So if he went home starving tonight here is the proof he did eat something.

When two 2 year boys get together the will always be Diego playing at some time.

Here are the boys acting like lions.


Will's dad is a cop and works nights so with him sleeping during the day he has to stay quiet. Or atleast that is my excuse why Will did this alot when Wild man would get just a little rowdy.

We had a great time and I can't wait to hold little Patrick!

Our new toy!

Last weekend one of the best garage sellers around, Brenda Beasley, called me with some exciting news.

She found a bike trailer for the boys!

I have been looking for one of them all summer. I ran over to the garage sale she found it and snatched it up. I was only $25! Such a good deal.

Thanks Brenda!

We brushed off the dust from Mr. Genius' old bike and after a couple of days of trying to get the tires pumps (we couldn't find the pump) we finally took it out for a spin.

Romeo was a little freaked out the first time and was practically on top of Wild Man. Wild Man did great though. He kept saying "It's OK little buddy."

I love it when Wild Man calls Romeo little buddy.

It warms my heart.

The next morning, being the overachiever that I am, decided for my morning workout that I would ride the bike around part of the neighborhood. I went on mapmyrun and mapped out a route for 4 mi.

Well not even a half mile into it my rear end was screaming over the itty bitty seat I was trying to place it on. I made it through the whole route and I have the bruises to prove it.

That night (because I am completely insane with trying to loose my baby weight) I decided to do a family bike ride. Only this time I took mom's bike. Her bike's seat is like a huge comfy couch compared to Mr. Genius' bike seat.

To talk Mr. Genius into it I told him we would ride to Dairy Queen.

Wild Man was excited...Romeo not so much.

This time Romeo tried to stay as far away from Romeo as he could. In 18 in of space that is hard to do.

Romeo stayed that way the whole time. It was another 4 mi round trip.

Mr. Genius wasn't too excited about the ride. I think he was nervous how his bottom was going to feel at the end of it.

We all survied and we are awaiting Mr. Genius to get back from Memphis to go for another family ride, this time to the park.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Vampire Boy

Sorry I haven't been updated as frequently.

Mr. Genius has informed me that it is imperative that I update my blog.

So here I am.

Yesterday we had Romeo's 9 month check up. He weighed in at 17 lbs. Such a difference from his 22 lbs big brother at the same age. He is only in the 10th or 12th percentile in weight. So low in fact the Dr. has asked me to give him a bottle twice a day. (I nurse the rest of the feedings)

I find this all amusing due to the fact that this boy eats as though each meal is his first meal EVER.

I think that I have mentioned before that I make his baby food. So it is hard to measure exactly how much he is eating. I figure he is eating about 2-3 jars of baby food per meal then he will eat a whole piece of whatever fruit (banana, mango) I put in front of him then he is asking for more.

He has been known to eat a whole can of carrots along with a BIG bowl full of puffs also.

Then when I cut off his food supply and let him down he crawls all over the floor looking for whatever food I didn't sweep up.

It doesn't even have to be food, today I caught him trying to each a piece of sheet rock that somehow fell down onto the floor.

This boy sure does keep me on my toes.

I can't decide if Romeo is smaller because I am still nursing him or if he is just smaller built. I kind of think that it is a little bit of both.

Wild man has always been a big boy but I only got to nurse him for a little over 5 months.

My milk supply myseriously disappeared.

And then there was a lot of crying, wailing and nashing of teeth.

I told Mr. Genius that he was over reacting, and that the money out of the budget for formula would not take away his ice cream.

He was ok after that.


Yesterday Romeo also started crawling up the stairs. By today he is a master at it. Going up the stairs that is, not going down.

Because that would make my life easier if he could also go down the stairs.

In the past 3 weeks Romeo has also gotten 5 teeth! 2 more are coming right behind them. The fang teeth were the first to come in. He looks so funny. We call him our Vampire child.

Here is a close up. You can barely see the most resent tooth, one of the front top teeth.

Since I am still nursing him I think it is a good thing that both the front teeth haven't come in yet.

Although he does have this habit now of grinding his teeth together now.

Augh! It's like finger nails down a chalkboard. Drives me CRAZY!!!