Saturday, January 29, 2011

The joys of a newly potty trained son continues...

Yesterday Romeo and I went to Old Navy while Wild Man was at school.

This trip to Old Navy will be the most memorable trip we will ever have, I am just sure of it.

After we were done with the shopping, Romeo decided he needed to go potty.

He walked right in and I sat him on the potty and then turned around to hang my purse on the door.

Then I heard a noise you do NOT want to hear in a restroom ESPECIALLY a public one.

I heard a Splash...

Romeo fell bottom first into the potty, and when I say into the potty...I mean really in that potty. His head and feet where the only thing sticking out of it.

It was a big potty in this restroom and Romeo is a little 3 year old boy... a bad combination.

As much as I would love to show you a picture of this, I thought my time was better spend getting him out.

So of course I ran over (we were in the handicap one and it was quite large) to get him out and in my actions the automatic flush came on before I could get him all the way out.

You can say my son got his first swirly...or even an enema.

I got him out and of course he was just dripping wet and shaking and crying. I felt so bad for him and was so completely grossed out and yet I was trying so hard not to laugh hysterically all at the same time.

I think it is safe to be said that there has been some psychological damage done here and it may be a while til we will be able to use a public restroom.

Although this does make a great story to share later on in his when he brings girls over or even his wedding.

Is it bad that I wish I had a picture of this? I think I have laughed about this for 24 hours straight though.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

In the winter...I become a hoarder

As soon as the winter hit here in Chicago, I closed my little shop. Partly because the paint is frozen and my fingers will fall off if I am out there for too long.

I did get a little heater but the cold here just laughs at it. Even if I am standing right in front of the heater I can't even feel it.

Although I have really enjoyed this little break. I have gotten back into a routine with cleaning and laundry and now I am actually cooking things! Before I would just through whatever meat in the oven or crock pot and then heat up whatever vegetables we had on hand. What ever seasoning that first fell into my hand when I opened up that door was the most creative I got.

I am now able to really look on the inside of my house and see what needs to be done with it and have the time to think about what I want to do in each room.

So the cold here has been a good thing.

But it hasn't stopped me from still shopping around for furniture!

It is starting to be a problem...but I will hang them from the ceiling if I have to, in order make room.

Here is what I have waiting in my garage for me to paint at this point.

I have two of these chairs.

I love the little detail on the bottom shelf. I am thinking maybe a turquoise on this one.

 antique mirror.
It doesn't have as much detail as I would like, but it came with the table I just showed you. So I will figure something out with it. Maybe a chalkboard.

This used to be a sewing table.
 The sewing machine was already taken out.

I am really thinking about copying Sausha @ Show and tell with this one by making it into a TV console. You think she will get mad? Copying is the highest form of flattery right?

This one I am MOST excited about redoing. I am thinking a combination of Yellow, black, and gray. Although I will miss the shelving it provides right now.

Sorry bad picture, but I am sure you can tell it is an antique dresser.

Gotta decide on a fun color on this one to.

Even more chairs!

Phew! Looking at all this furniture makes me wanna start sanding and painting right now....that is until I walk outside.

Are there some projects you guys are waiting on til it warms up? Or am I the only wussy that can't deal with the weather right now?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Scotch Blue 3m Winners

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Score is...

Floor - 4

Potty- 1 (and by 1 I mean one little drop)

The potty training officially started today.

I threw a small potty party to start this momentous occasion.

Complete with balloons, streamers, and a toy to encourage good potty behavior.

I even went out and bought Kool-aid. Kool-aid has never darken the door of my house til this day. I was proud to say we were a Kool-aid free zone. But when it comes to potty training I am willing to throw my healthy ways just to be able to stop paying for those stinkin' diapers.

But alas the Kool-aid didn't work. Since Romeo has never even seen it before I didn't want anything to do with it. Sigh. So the part of the potty party to fill him up with as much liquids as humanly possible didn't work.

After dinner this was the scene in the most used room in our house at the moment.

Romeo on his Mobi go (so he would stay on the potty), a cup of juice that was constantly being offered to him, a bowl of m&m's to reward anything exciting would hopefully happen, and Ipod touch and a puzzle as back up toys to help with the entertainment. 

Wild Man even came in to offer some sage advice.

I am proud to say that after an hour of sitting, there was a small trinkle of success. Although less the 15 minutes later the floor was the better option...twice.

But the last time he did run to the potty and peed right in front of it so...a smidge of progress. 

But I wanted to show you what the half bath looks like at the moment. You can call this the during phase. Since I still have more plans for it.

I painted the vanity black and put hardware on it.

Then I framed out the mirror.

Don't you like my streamer job? ;)

I was in a hurry and Romeo really doesn't care what it looks like anyways.

Here is a close up of the frame.

I am really pleased with how the mirror turned out.

Now onto another announcment.

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That is the new vinyl that is more heavy duty and durable. I just got mine in yesterday and I am working on some crafts in between cleaning up and sanitizing the floors. 

I have really enjoyed my silhouette machine, I know you would enjoy yours!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Scotch Blue 3m Painters Tape Giveaway

I have had kind of a love/hate relationship with painters tape ever since we owned our first home and I picked up my first paint brush.

When it worked great I love that it helped me keep a straight line about the trim, but most of the time it was more work then what it was worth.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fantsy Fancade Winner and some great posts

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The difference a little glaze can make

One of my most favorite things to do to furniture is to glaze it. The glaze covers so many imperfections and also highlights the details to a piece.

I thought I would show you the difference that can be made to a piece with just a little glaze.

I got this piece from a client, that they found for free.

Here is a close up of one of the doors.


She wanted me to paint it a Behr color called Water Sprout. The color reminds me of green sorbet.

To get into all those little crevices I had to use one of the boys cheap little paint brushes. You know the ones used for water coloring. They were the only things small enough I could find to fit into those little knicks and crannies.

Here is what she looked like painted and one of the doors glazed.

Here is a closer look.

See how the glaze really makes the details show up?

There is really not a wrong way to glaze.

I use Ralph Lauren's fauz technique glaze that has the color tea stain added to it. Sometimes I just use wood stain to glaze. It is just what ever tickles your fancy at the moment.

I brush the glaze on all over the piece.

Does your husband have a shirt that he still wears and it drives you batty that he thinks that it is still a good looking shirt?

This is the time to go and grab it and use it for something useful.

When I glaze I do the wipe on, wipe off method. (Thank you Karate kid)

I wipe on the glaze with a brush and then I wipe off with whatever shirt or cloth I decided we do not need anymore.

Due to the flash the door closest to us looks a little lighter, but they are the same.

See how easy that is?

Unfortunately I didn't get a full picture of the finished side board. So sorry.

But here is a recap of the door.

The before

The after

This is before I glazed the whole side board. I was just so anxious to do the doors. I did them first.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Fantsy Fancade Giveaway and Review

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Project DeChristmasification is underway

I really wanted to start this yesterday but we didn't get home til 3am and of course the boys were up and awake at 5:30! I couldn't think straight enough to try and organize ribbon and little do dads. 

DeChristmasification is the not fun part of decorating for Christmas.