Friday, July 25, 2008

Not going to win Mother of the year award

Poor Romeo, he is so neglected.

I apparently have a problem with getting atleast one of his legs stuck somehow.
Yesterday, I put him in the Johnny Jump up (or whatever you call them). I noticed that he wasn't jumping up as much as he usually does and that he was fussing about something. I of course didn't think much about it and just made sure that Wild Man didn't "swing" Romeo.

Then Wild Man (being more observant the me) noticed that Romeo only had one leg. So he started laughing and saying Romeo has one foot.

Me still not getting it went on the straighten up some toys.

Then when I came back, I finally saw Romeo with one leg.

Here is a better look.

Poor guy.

It reminds me of the time the day after Christmas. Mind you we have 4 Christmas' on Christmas Day. So we were exhausted. Romeo was about 6 or 7 weeks old. Romeo got up to feed around 5 am and me thinking that I am sooo experienced with 2 kids now thought I could feed him and change his diaper in the dark.

I noticed it was a little harder to get the diaper on and that when I laid him back down it took him awhile to go back to sleep. It was like he was struggling or just plain uncomfortable.

The next morning when he woke up... well...I failed in mothering duties for the day.

Here is a closer look.

Believe it or not the boy didn't pee or poop in his diaper. So I am thinking of somehow incorporating this into Wild man's potty training.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Don't try this at home.

It was an eventful day in our household, we had our first injury... that involved blood.

Wild Man was running his lap around the house.

If you been to my house, you will know what that means, if not, come on over and I will show you.

When he got to the kitchen and he was rounding into the den he fell.

This is not who got injured.

Someone, who shall remain anonymous and had a small laps in judgement, was holding Romeo when this happened and put him down on the couch to tend to Wild Man.

Mind you Romeo is very mobile now and likes to be in on the action.

So the next thing we heard was Romeo screaming.

You guessed it, he dove face first off the couch and onto one of Wild Man 's toys.

Needless to say our attention was diverted to the newly injured child.

Poor baby, this is what he looks like now.

I am glad he is laughing now.

Lesson learned.

We're Back in Business!!

Well, we couldn't find the battery charger so we ended up buying another one. It came in yesterday. Which means any day now we will find the old charger.

As promised here are a few pictures of the 4th of July Weekend in Knoxville.

The Zacharetti's throw a big party every year for Labor Day. But since Kat and her sister Courtney will be having babies during that time this year they changed it to 4th of July.

The Zacharetti's have this HUGE slip and slide that they pull out. Notice the tree of death towards the bottom. They have a whirlpool cover laying on it. But people were still flying into it and scaring the rest of us to death.

I heard a rumor that the tree has since been cut down. So next year will be a little less painful.

See? I wasn't kidding. It's HUGE.

All the guys wear trash bags and then lather up with soap. It is quite funny looking. You can insert your own joke here. Some people thought they looked like they belong in the Harry Potter movies, I thought they looked like funny looking monks.

Wild Man wanted to be like Mr. Genius and wear a trash bag, but after he put it on he realized how ridiculous he looked.

So instead he just pushed Pop down the slide.

And then played in the Sponge Bob pool.

There was a golf bag up for grabs and the one with the fastest time down the slide would win. Well they were so fast and this camera is so not fast. This is all I got of Mr. Genius sliding down.

Oh well sorry Honey.

Although, Romeo found a new friend. Her name is Audrey Anne. I think that he was so excited to see someone his own size for once.

All in all we had a fun Weekend. The boys did GREAT!! Such a praise, cuz you never know what you are going to get with them.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Missing Charger and Cow Appreciation Day

I have a lot of pictures to show you, but our camera is dead and we can't seem to find the charger anywhere. It hasn't been a complete lost. While looking for the charger I did find my hairbrush, some very important missing cars for Conner, and a baby gift.

So I think that we are going to have to buy a charger.


Which means we will find it as soon as we open the new one.

I hate that.

Did you know that today is Cow appreciation day? Well that is a very important day in our home, not because we are cow lovers but because at chick fil a we can get free food!

The catch is you have to dress up like a cow.

I was up for the challenge.

I got Wild Man first Halloween costume. It is actually a horse but everyone thinks it is a cow. So we went with it.

I made masks for me and Wild Man and put Wild Man is black and white and made him a sign to wear on his shirt.

Here is Romeo as a cow/horse

By the way, I borrowed my mom's camera.

Here is Wild Man's outfit. He didn't want to hold up his mask I worked to hard on ;), so I held it up for him.

He was much more interested in eating his food.

So I am out of the habit of bringing a snack for babies with me. So Romeo got his first taste of french fries.

Cow Appreciation Day is all day today. We may be going back for dinner. Let me tell you, Mr. Genius is so excited to be dressing up as a cow to get his dinner. I told him that it is the sacrifice we have to make for the rising gas prices.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Swimming in a shark and a first word

JJ and Pop bought this great shark pool for all the boys.

Romeo didn't like the water at all.

So Wild Man enjoyed jumping around and slashing. Forbidden activities in the bathtub.

The neighbors and us all thought the this was hilarious.

Can you read it?

It says NO DIVING!


Who would dive into 4 inches of water.

Romeo at exactly 8 months said his first word. As Mr. Genius was leaving to go to work yesterday morning, he leaned over to Romeo to give him a kiss and Romeo said DADA.

Although it was sweet for Mr. Genius to hear that.

I was having mixed emotions .

I thought for sure if any baby would say Mama before Dada it would be this child.

He is so clingy to me and doesn't even like Mr. Genius to hold him most of the time. I bear him for 9 long and hot months, recover from a section, and deal with all the trials of nursing for 8 months. Heck he won't even let me leave his site without screaming or whining until I get back.

But he says Dada first.

So I told myself he didn't really say it, he was just babbling.

Then Mr. Genius came home from work.

He said it again.


I am glad that he son can talk but now I hope he atleast tells me he loves me first.