Monday, February 16, 2009

Wild Man's 22 Random

1. My name is Wild Man

2. I refuse to use the big boy potty at home.

3. But am completely fascinated with sitting on all the public potties, without actually using the potty for its intended purpose...just like to sit on them. It totally freaks mom out.

4. I love people. All people.

5. I don't like going to the park when no one else is there. It is so boring.

6. I refuse to share with my brother...but I will give my favorite toys to complete strangers.

7. Sometimes when my mom asks me something I won't answer her until she is on the phone and I will talk louder and louder until she gets off.

8. My friends Blake and Gabe have a little sister named Hallie, pronounced like Sallie with a H. If you mispronounce her name I will yell at you til you say it right.

9. Benadryl doesn't work on me. HeHeHe

10. I believe that Uncy Andy owns that entire city of Memphis including the zoo. I think that zoo is the coolest place on earth.

11. I like to call my Aunt Jenny, Uncle Jenny just to see if anyone will notice.

12. I am the most hyper 3 year old you will ever meet.

13. Mom tells me that the curse is real and that I will one day understand what I am putting her through. I don't understand what that means so I say OK and go back to using my brother for target practice.

14. I love my JJ and wake up in the morning asking to see her and will ask all day til I go to sleep.

15. I will eat anything if you give me something to dip it in.

16. I am the spitting image of my Uncle Reid.

17. I love girls. Especially blond ones, but I have no idea how to act around them.

18. So I just push them down or throw a ball in their face.

19. I am at your mercy if you take my food away.

20. My mom told me that I can watch Madagascar 2 when I don't go into time out at Mother's Day Out.

21. That will happen as soon as those other kids in there realize that all those toys are mine and I will let them play with them when I am ready.

22. Just when I think I am about to push my mom over the edge, I tell her that she has pretty hair and eyes...It works every time.

Romeo's random

For over a month on Facebook most everyone has been making a list of 25 random facts about themselves, me included. So I thought I would do this for my boys too.

So here are Romeo's list 25 random facts:

1. My name is Romeo.

2. I love my mom more then anything in this world... if you don't believe me just try to take me away from her. I can make your ears bleed.

3. My hair is a good indicator to how I will act. When it is not as spikey I am generally laid back when it is really wild and crazy I also will act wild and crazy.

4. Due to my brother being the loudest 3 year old in the world when I feel no need to talk. No one will hear me anyways.

5. I was born with dark brown hair and at 3 months it all feel out. My mom felt that all the pregnancy heart burn was just a waste.

6. I started sleeping through the night a 6 weeks! My mom was so proud!

7. Then when I was 5 months old I screamed for 2 weeks solid and would only stop if mom would hold me.

8. I love balls...if I look as if I am going to freak out give me a ball.

9. I equally love food...if I look like I am going to freak out give me food.

10. I have big round blue eyes and I am very loving like my daddy.

11. I love my brother and all of his toys so much that I only want to play with my own toys when he is playing with them.

12. I love to take toys away from my brother and try to run away from day I will be able to keep the toys for more then 2 milliseconds.

13. I have been making car sounds while playing with cars since I was 9 months old. No matter how hard my mom tries to persuade me I will not say the word car.

14. Right now the main way I communicate is by pointing and saying psst. I do realize in some cultures this maybe rude.

15. My favorite thing to do is the squeal at Wild Man.

16. Mom tells him to ignore me, but he totally can't do it, and I find that empowering, so I keep doing it.

17. I would eat all the live long day if I could.

18. Sometimes I decide that I won't eat vegetables one week, so I will throw them on the floor. Then when mom puts me down I will eat the food I threw on the floor. It tasted better that way.

19. I love my cousin Eli so much that I scare him.

20. I recently discovered that I can hit Wild man and he can't hit me back! I also find this empowering.

21. I remember the voice of the nurse that has given me all my shots. As soon as I hear her voice I scream as loud as I can to warn all the other kids in the waiting room to run for the hills. I am pretty sure they can hear me.

22. I am also find it completely humiliating to be put on a scale with no clothes on.

23. I love my brother so much and don't know what to do when he isn't around.