Friday, March 27, 2009

What I learned this week

This week I learned more about the male anatomy then I really wanted to know.

I learned that little boys DO NOT like to poop in the potty.

I learned that when told that my 16 month old may have testicular constriction I instantly thought "Oh no I won't be a grandmother." Cuz that is so in my near future... and I am completely selfish.

I learned that when a nurse tells you to go to Vanderbilt Children's ER you don't hear much else after that.

I learned that really bad diaper rash can look like testicular constriction.

I learned that my 3 year old has no problem pooping in his underpants while at the same time explaining to me that pooping in the potty is really hard and that when he is just an inch taller then he will be a big enough boy to do it.

I learned that a certain appendage of the male anatomy has to be perfectly pushed down while using the potty or I will be cleaning the bathroom floor 15 times a day.

I learned that I want new bathroom floors with cleaning said floors 15 times a day.

I learned that threatening a certain 3 year old with a suppository will do the trick to get him to poop in the potty.

I learned that there are certain time in my life that I will always remember...the day Mr. Genius proposed at the Biltmore, the day we found out we were pregnant each time, and the day that Wild Man pooped in the potty. WhooHoo!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Romeo got out of the bath and ran out from under my legs to the balcony rather then his room.

Then he...

This is another good reason to have hardwood floors.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chairs and the Dentist

We are all healthy right now!

*knock on wood*

Like I mentioned in my last post, Wild Man got sick Sunday night, March 1st, and then I got the bug on Wednesday. I am telling you we have never been so sick so much. Luckily neither Romeo nor Mr. Genius got this bug.

With the winter coming to an end I am crossing my fingers that the sickness is too.

I am also hoping that the items in my house will stop breaking too.

Here is a picture of my kitchen table.

One of these things is not like the other. Can you tell which one?

The back of the chair just broke off!

Really it is amazing that more of the chairs haven't broken before at this point. Our chairs are not just used for a place to sit down while eating, cutting coupons, coloring or to just sit and whine about the food that was placed in front of them (but Mr. Genius is getting better about that). They have also been known to be scaled the back of like a rock climbing wall, a shield from an onslaught of toys that suddenly fly into the kitchen by a 3 year old that claims he didn't know that toys weren't meant to be airborne, or a step ladder (guilty for that one).

So now I am just trying to figure out how we are going to fix the chair or just find some different chairs that can be stained or painted.

Speaking of painted furniture. Romeo has graduated to the blue table! I got rid of the high chair!

(Beth the red chairs work great thanks for letting us borrow them!)

One big advantage of the 2nd child is they want to do things that the older child does (can also be a challenge too). Romeo kept trying to sit at the table when it was time to eat so I just started letting him and he is doing really good at it.

I thought I would be really be sentimental about getting rid of the highchair since it has been in our kitchen since I was 8 months preggers with Wild Man.

That's 3 and a half years ago!

I was so happy to get that bulky thing out of my kitchen and I do not miss it one bit.

Another event that has happen in this household is that Wild Man had his first dentist appointment, and he did amazing!!

We went to Snodgrass and King that just opened up here in the 'Boro and I highly recommend them.

The dentist did mention that he has a enlarged thingy (the technical term).

It's that thing of skin that connects the upper lips to your gums and is right above your front teeth, or also know as a thingy.

When he is about 5 they will cut it, I am sure that will be a really fun day.

He also has an overbite and will probably have to have braces.

Are there any kids nowadays that do not have to have braces?

Other then that he looks great and did great!

We also learned that Wild Man knows his right and lefts now.

As Dr. Snodgrass was leaving the room Wild Man asks (very loudly I might add).


Here is a picture of Dr. Snodgrass.

He did try to wait til he was leaving to ask me what was wrong with him, I guess I should give him points for that.

Well, I set the camera out to take with us and I of course forgot it.

But here is a picture of Wild Man when we got home with his balloon. You can't tell but he is holding the toothpaste and brush and toy that he got in his hand.

Also notice the shirt he is wearing.

I made it! Well not the shirt just the tie on it.

And I didn't so much make it as iron it on and then highlight with a little sewing that may or may not have taken me about 2 hours just to figure out how to turn it on.

Hope everyone is having a great March.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Is it 2010 yet?

So far this year has not been a fun year.

We started with the hurlapalooza and turned into a breakarama.

When it rains it pours and then the torrential rains come.

First we replaced the dryer. It wasn't completely dead but I was having to put the clothes through two cycles and it would get just get them just kind of dry.

One night Mr. Genius and I had to sleep in the playroom due to washing our bedding and after 3 times through the dryer they still were not dry.

We decided it was time to get a new dryer.

Then our faucet has been bothering us for a while. It leaked really bad and would shake so bad it would make the whole counter shake sometimes if the water was on really high. Again not completely broken, just drove us crazy.

So being the practical gal I am I got a faucet for Valentine's day. Cuz really I didn't need flowers and I definitely didn't need chocolate. But Matt and I thought this is something we actually needed.

By the way it is actually a very pretty faucet.


So after Mr. Genius installed the faucet and we thought...good I am glad that is done.

Then one Sunday morning as we are leaving to go to church, water was streaming out of our water heater and all over our garage.

Mr. Genius turned off our water and we just ran away to church.

Because that is what we want to teach our boys... when you don't know what to do just run, run away.

Thankfully a friend in our Sunday School class knows a little about water heaters and came over to see if he could help.

Turns out we just had to replace a hose.

Crisis averted.

Or so we thought.

It only just started.

About a year ago our broiler blew out in our oven. We never replaced it.

Then Wild Man went to my parents and mom asked him if he wanted some toast.

Wild Man replied.."What's toast?"

We thought it is time to replace the broiler.

We need to expand our sons bead eating horizons.

So being the do-it-yourselfers we are we thought we would do it ourselves. Really how hard could it be?

Mistake number one...

So I unscrewed the broiler and took it out to make sure that we bought the right one.

That day I got a new one and before Mr. Genius got home I decided to cook some dinner.

In my head I thought the broiler hasn't worked in over a year so I can cook something without having the broiler in.

Mistake number two...

I turned on the oven put in the dinner.

About 10 minutes later a saw a flash out the side of my eye.

I went to take a look at the oven... it was dead.


So we had half cook pizza for dinner.

When Mr. Genius got home he thought that he could fix it by just putting in the new broiler.

Mistake number 3...

He put in the new broiler and we turned the oven back on, another big flash.

and because we didn't learn the first time we tried 2 more times.

There were two more flashes.

I guess we liked to see little fireworks in our kitchen.

Wednesday night our oven died.

Thursday morning I called a oven repairman and told him what we did and he said that it would not be worth him coming out cuz it sounds like we killed the whole oven and even if he did come out he can't guarantee that he can get it to work when he is done and we can use that money towards a new oven.

The positive thing I got out of that conversation is that at least he was being honest and we didn't throw away $400.

So we are in the market for a new oven.

I went to the bookstore looked at the Consumer Reports ad and read up on what free standing ranges have good ratings.

I got sold on the Kenmore 9614.,0&resMode=sharp&op_usm=0.9,0.5,0,0

What I liked about it is that it has a warming drawer! Now Mr. Genius can actually have a warm dinner!

Talked it over with Mr. Genius and we planned for me to go to the Sears store and buy it tomorrow.

First the boys and I had a play date and quite honestly play dates are just as much for the moms as they are for the kids.

So don't you think I was going to miss it.

We had a great time! And even better we wore out the kids.

Two birds with one stone!

So onto the next part, I am going to abbreviate this story a lot.

During the boys naptime I called our local Sears store to see if the range was in stock. The person I talked to informed me that it was not in the store but if I ordered it right now with her it will be in my house tomorrow (Saturday).

Considering you can only make so many nutritional meals out of the microwave I was thrilled to hear I could get the range the next day.

So I ordered it.

It is now Sunday, and I still don't have an oven.

As it looks right now we will not be receiving the range until Tuesday!

So if we actually receive the range on Tuesday that will be almost a week without a range.

I really miss my range.

Any range at that.

I am not a huge fan of cooking but when the option is not there I really want to.

So February wasn't that good of a month. (Other then a short get away to snow skiing with Mr. Genius, Andrew and Kat, thanks guys).

Now today the first day of March.

It snowed!


Then Wild Man threw up all over me about 6 times tonight and Romeo busted his lip by playing tug of war with Wild Man's barf bucket.

Good times!

Are these the times that people talk about that I am suppose to look back on with longing? Wishing I could go back in time to this time?

No thank you.

I want to go to sleep and you wake me up when it is all over... and I have a working stove.

Mr. Genius took of work tomorrow so I can work a consignment sale all day and the go to the worker's sale tomorrow night.

There better be some good stuff there and those women better not get in my way. I don't know if I will be able to control myself much longer.

I may blow up over a part of plaid shorts!

So with all that said, March isn't looking too good so far either.

Only 305 days left til 2010!