Wednesday, December 8, 2010

That's how we roll here.

Did you see that Seinfield episode about the wedding invitations?

The one where George's fiance dies from licking all the cheap envelopes for her wedding invitations.

I think of that episode everytime I have to lick envelopes. Therefore I do anything possible to get out of licking them.

Here is my new alternative.

Bad iphone video sorry.

That is only half my cards sent out. I think I need to weed out some of these addresses.

Then on another note.

It has been COLD here. Although today it got the a steamy 16 degrees!!!

16.3 to be exact.

This southern girl is going to have a rough winter.

The boys wanted to go out and play in the snow.

I did NOT.

So I convienced them to go outside without me.

They did but no amount of money or cute and pleading looks through the window would get me out there.

Totally not looking forward to the -50 degrees wind chill weather next month.


Kenzie said...

That is freezing! We are having an abnormally warm winter, no snow for us yet, which usually means a wet wet spring. Ugh! I hate snow! That picture is priceless!

Sue@Uniquely Chic said...

Your little guys are adorable!

lodyp said...

You kill me. Do you know about this snow and ice in Knoxville this week? You'd think we couldn't tell our faces from our is called off etc..but it really is cold here. I feel you.

Also, I get ornaments from every trip too. Less cluttery souvenirs. We also have Rock City, Biltmore (though I was proposed to in the "Batman Building" in Nashville--Paul worked for Bellsouth at the time)and a cruise ship ornament. :) My tree is in the Music Room (please no touching, little hands!) and the handmedown slimline tree in the family room is fair game. The boys play with the ornaments--taking them off, putting them on, taking them off, I find them under the couch....etc but it's their tree and they love it. How do you keep your boys off your tree? It all looks awesome! I am loving the glitter and names!!!

Stay warm!
Melody in Knoxville, with boys who are about to turn 5!!!!