Thursday, March 31, 2011


For someone who loves to decorate, being content is really hard.

Don't you feel that when your work on a project is complete and you stand back to marvel your work the items around your new project stands out like a sore thumb?

Like they are screaming, make me over too!

I really struggle with that.

After reupholstering the dining chairs/benchs/settees. What ever you call them.

I can't help but dream about what else I can do to the room.

Like get new flooring!!!

Seriously why did they put carpet in the dining room?! I need to ask the previous owners that.

Then Sandra from Sawdust and Paper scraps mentioned that she got all of her hardwood from BuildDirect.

That is a bad thing about blogging and reading blogs when you love to decorate. When you are not feeling content then you have all these beautiful homes and projects you see that other people do, and think...I want to do that!

So I have been dreaming and looking and longing through BuildDirect for about the past is naptime/quiet time in the house right now. :) The best time of the day.

Can I just say that if you are looking for need to check out this site!

I found my hardwood flooring for an AWESOME price!

 $4.89/sq ft!

Since I am not a person that can't just browse around...well I had to look at other items on the site that I just had to share with you guys...since I do not want to be the only person is having trouble with contentment. I am going to drag you guys in too. :)

I have heard of cork flooring and I loved that thought of it. Being easy to clean up, yet softer. So when a certain 5 year old who insists on using a big boy glass cup like mom and dad, drops has a much better chance of not turning into a thousand little pieces.

But the samples that I have seen haven't been the best looking.

But BuildDirect has cork flooring that has a wood grain design on it!

Ummm, yes please.

Then I also noticed that some of their composite decking is on sale for $1.75/ lineal foot!

Can I have the backyard that goes with this decking...and the warm weather too?

Anyways, I just thought I would share.

Don't forget...if your blog needs a makeover go and check out Kassie from Kassie by Designs.


Becolorful said...

Oh Katie, I see nothing in this room BUT those benches. Oh my. I LOVE them. I am such a fan of stripes and a black and white groupie so when they are pulled together like you have them I am totally smitten. I didn't know you were doing this room. I guess I'm behind on my blog reading because I definitely would have remembered this. So glad you are a blogger so i can see this. :)

Shelley said...

Ok. I am so in love with all your decorating ideas. But you have little ones, right? I saw breakables on that cute little blue table you painted. Don't your kids demolish stuff like that. This is why I don't decorate. Refer to my blog, kids Shane through Cullen are the reason. he he. Follwing from the UBP, hope you can follow back. One day I will decorate, some day. :)
God Bless,

gin said...

I love the title of your blog as that is something I struggle with every day! I could get lost on your blog with all the DIY tips; I also have champagne taste and am slowly but surely learning to make things myself.
I can't wait to read more! Found you on #UBP11 :)

What's in a name.. said...

Loved yyour blog , I need to spend more time to read some your diys.

New followere via Ultimate Blog Party 2011. Hope you will follow me too @

Hi! I'm Jessica... said...

Can I just say wow? I was completely mesmerized by your the pics you've posted of your projects. I would love to have just one ounce of your creativity lol. I'm horrible at decorating! Following you from the UBP11! Hope you'll stop by and visit me too at

Sandy said...

I'm visiting (fashionably late) from the ubp. I LOVE your blog! You and I have a lot in common. I know God is using my life right no to teach me patience - I just wish he'd hurry up with the lesson. :) I'm your newest follower!

mrsking14 said...

Happy Friday! I'm your newest follower from Ultimate Blog Party 2011! Looking forward to reading your blog. Hope you will come follow me too:

Brandi said...

You have some beautiful designs! I loved the frames I'll be back to use that idea for sure! Im now following you from UBP 11, I'm glad I stopped by as it is great to "meet" you! Please stop by and say hi if you have a chance!

Robert said...

Thank you for mentioning BuildDirect! I'm Rob, editor-in-chief of the BuildDirect Blog, and social media manager. Everyone here is really pleased you got what you needed with our flooring.