Friday, November 11, 2011

Repairpal Mobile app

Last week I was asked it I wanted to review an iPhone app called RepairPal 2.0 Mobile.

This is how it was described to me:

RepairPal 2.0 Mobile is a new app that tries to make car maintenance and repairs as simple and painless as possible. Also, It could save you money! The new app helps you:

  • Make sure you get a fair price on auto repair
  • Know the fair price for your auto repair 
  • Find shops and dealerships near you 
  • Get expert advice from real professionals

Well I have been having some funky stuff going on with my minivan and in our family I do the house stuff and Mr. Genius does all of the car stuff. Seriously if any light on my car turns on I call him in a panic. And for the past 2 months I have had two lights on that won't go away.

Plus two maintenance phrases that keep coming up.

The low brake fluid light is still on even after the Mr. Genius filled the brake fluid up to almost overflowing, and it isn't leaking.

So I got the RepairPal App and started working it.

You set it up and put in what kind of car you have what year your car is.

Once you set that up you can put in reminders. Which would have been wonderful to have when we lived in the house cuz Mr. Genius did all the oil changes and brake pads and routers. This would have helped up to keep up with how long ago we did those things.

Then I went to my local car repair shop...BY MYSELF!

This was very scary for me cuz I know these guys are going to talk about things I do not know about and I feel like they are going to take advantage of my ignorance and tell me I have to get things done that I do not need.

So I went and asked for a diagnosis which only costs $12.

As I sat out there they came out and said that they think it is the Master Cylinders. I smiled and pretended I knew what they are talking about, then when he went back to put my car back together I looked up on the RepairPal app what a Master Cylinder is.

Not only does it go into detail what the Master Cylinder is, it also gives you and estimate of how much it would be.

The estimate my local Firestone gave me was on the high end of what RepairApp said it would be. But it was within the range.

They also recommended a bunch of other things to do that ended up equaling out to be over $1100!! Yeah right!

So I circled the two that needed to be done with the replacement of the Master Cylinders and when you do that you have to get your Brake system flushed. RepairApp did mention that too!

I took this quote home and then looked at what places around me that where recommended.

When I called the recommended places then were $100-200 cheaper!

I ended up going with the Ollie's Garage and made an appointment for next Friday!

The only thing I let my husband know about was what I decided to do!

This app definitely did give me the confidence boost I needed to feel like I can do "car stuff" on my own. So now when he is out of town I won't be as worried about car repairs.

If you and your husband do not know a lot about cars or your husband is gone A LOT and it makes you sick to your stomach when you have to take your car in for repairs. I definitely recommend this app!

The RepairPal 2.0 Mobile app sells for US$4.99. Click here to purchase the RepairPal 2.0 Mobile App or to learn more about it.

On a side note: We are settling into our apartment. It is a little adjustment moving from a 3600 sq ft house to an 1100 sq ft apartment. But it hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be. 

Have a good weekend everyone!


Kat said...

If it makes you feel any better, our house is only 2100 SF...and is 150Gs more expensive than our bigger Memphis house. To make things interesting I could send you our dogs. I mean if you crave craziness. :)

HR Mom said...

I hate going to the repair shop without my dad! He did all our car maintence. My breaks were making this loud noice so I look it to a breaks place. They told me I needed to replace my break pads and that they had to charge me to drain the break fluid ($$) I called my dad and he yelled at the guy for trying to take advantage of a young girl...apparently they have to do this anyway to preform any break jobs but they wanted me to pay for it, then add labor charges on top off all the other break stuff. My dad saved me at least $75! I may try this app too just in case my dad isn't a phone call away!

Mom2three said...

Looks like a great app! I've been so blessed that my husband works in the automotive industry as a Service Writer (he's the guy you sweetly explain your problem to and he works as a go-between you and the mechanic) and though he's not a mechanic, he's pretty awesomely handly when it comes to fixing our vehicles.

Can I make a suggestion? Honey always puts a man's name on the repair request sheet (what ever the technical name is, I have no clue). It doesn't matter if it's a husband, father, brother, or what - mechanics are less likely to "take advantage" if a man's name is the contact. It's not he thinks the females are less competent, but this is his way of looking out for his customers and earning their trust.

Jenny said...

I need this app!! My van has been flashing weird messages lately too and the dealership says it will cost over $600 to replace the part and neither of us know anything about cars! Thanks!

Michelina Douglass said...

This app is a must have especially for ladies! I must admit that I know little about car repairs and having this app is a big help if ever I’ll encounter any problem. I can only imagine how proud my father would be if I can repair my car by myself.

-Michelina Douglass

jim smith said...

This would have helped up to keep up with how long ago we did those things.
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