Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Swimming in a shark and a first word

JJ and Pop bought this great shark pool for all the boys.

Romeo didn't like the water at all.

So Wild Man enjoyed jumping around and slashing. Forbidden activities in the bathtub.

The neighbors and us all thought the this was hilarious.

Can you read it?

It says NO DIVING!


Who would dive into 4 inches of water.

Romeo at exactly 8 months said his first word. As Mr. Genius was leaving to go to work yesterday morning, he leaned over to Romeo to give him a kiss and Romeo said DADA.

Although it was sweet for Mr. Genius to hear that.

I was having mixed emotions .

I thought for sure if any baby would say Mama before Dada it would be this child.

He is so clingy to me and doesn't even like Mr. Genius to hold him most of the time. I bear him for 9 long and hot months, recover from a section, and deal with all the trials of nursing for 8 months. Heck he won't even let me leave his site without screaming or whining until I get back.

But he says Dada first.

So I told myself he didn't really say it, he was just babbling.

Then Mr. Genius came home from work.

He said it again.


I am glad that he son can talk but now I hope he atleast tells me he loves me first.


Jennylee said...

I'm glad Conner enjoyed the pool. Eli will have to come over and join in the fun.

And you've probably heard this, but dada is an easier word for them to say, that's why it's usually said before mama. Think about that and it may make you feel better!

Katie said...

Thanks Jenny. I know Dada is easier to say then Mama. But he has actually been babbling mamamamamama. For about a week now before he even has been saying dada.