Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy Fall Ya'll

Today I thought I would try to take some fall pictures of the boys.


It didn't go so well.

Wild Man wanted to have no part of it.

So Wild Man decided to make some calls to see who could save him from this torture.

I think he is trying to call DHS.

Wild Man: "Don't worry little buddy, I will tell them we come as a package."

"I told them not to judge us for wearing overalls and no shoes. They know it is our mom that is the crazy hillbilly."


Lyndsey said...

Cute pics...Come back and visit again soon =)

Anonymous said...

Katie, they are so cute! Can you believe we are all mommies now?? We need to get together soon! I may be coming to murfreesboro next week sometime, i'll let you know.

Jennylee said...

Haha. That's too cute!