Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Trying to be crafty

I decided that today was going to be a lazy day.

Why, you may ask?

I just woke up this morning with absolutely no desire to take a shower, put on makeup or get dressed today. Which means I am also crossing my fingers that no one just happens to stop by for a surprise visit.

Don't worry, I still brushed my teeth.

Because that is just gross.

So in an effort to keep Wild Man entertained today. I first brought out the game Chutes and ladders that I have had hidden for a long time. I know it says that the ages are for 3+. But he will be 3 in a few months, so close enough. Well at first Wild Man was very interested. He loved spinning the arrow to tell me which number it landed on. Then counting that number for the player to move. I was getting pretty proud of myself thinking this is a good learning game and we are having a good time also.

Then it happened.

I landed on a chute.

I slide down the chute and Wild Man was completely not interested into the game anymore he just wanted to slide his little player down all the chutes.

Me being the competitive person and not wanted to have a son that loses all the time, am screaming inside. "NO YOU WANT TO GO UP THE LADDERS, NOT DOWN THE CHUTES THEN YOU WILL BE A LOSER!!!"

You will be glad to know that I didn't say those things out loud. But after a couple of minutes of trying to keep him actually playing the game we both got frustrated and I put the game up.

Then we just watched Diego.

After lunch I had another stroke of genius.

On Sunday's I sit at the table and cut up all the coupons. Conner sits next to me (very still I might add) and cuts up the scrap paper that I had to him. He will sit there for almost 45 minutes just cutting away!

So I thought I would do something a little more crafty.

I got some paper and told Wild Man to draw on it and then we were going to cut out what he drew and glue it on another piece of paper. Well Wild Man was so excited to use scissors again. He just wanted to cut and not draw anything. So I drew a picture of him and I handed it to him to cut out. He cut it out in about 10 different pieces and then we glued it. Then he wanted me to draw a picture of Romeo so he could cut that up. Without thinking, I did. What I didn't do was remove the scissors from the crazy 2 year old before I put my head down. Then a second later I hear...


"Out of what?" Is what I believe I said.

"On my shirt!" He says so proudly

And sure enough there is a hole in his PJ shirt. All I am thinking is thank goodness it was his PJs and not Sunday morning in his Sunday clothes.

So see, you can actually benefit from being a lazy bum.

So I had to take a picture of him in his holey shirt, if anything to remind me that this is reason #546 why I should not home school my children.

Also, I case anyone is wondering. Yes they were kids scissors.


Jennylee said...

That's a pretty funny story and you told it very well too!
I'm so glad your laziness paid off today, maybe mine will soon! :)

Katacomb said...

Conner always has the funniest expression on his face in these pictures! So cute!

Katie said...

Jenny thanks, but I am sure that my old college roommate who majored in English is horrified at all the grammar errors.

Kat I know, all I did was tell Conner to smile big. Which I guess means to open your mouth as big as possible.

Jamey and Beth said...

This totally sounds like me--I decide I will try to be a good mom and do crafts and it totally backfires!!!:)

lizlockwood said...

Katie!! It is great to hear from you . . . you are right - it is such a small world (gets smaller every day!). I am so glad to know that you know Freddy T. and Susan -they are wonderful. When they were first dating, Susan stayed with me a few times when she would come to visit Freddy T. at SBTS.

I have also loved reading your blog and catching up on your life. Your little boys are very handsome and appear to be full of energy! Keep in touch . . .

Liz Lockwood