Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Bugger Boo!

I know, I know, this is a week late.

But I have a really good excuse. Mr. Genius and I redecorated our bedroom as a Christmas gift to each other and it has been under construction for a while and I was spending every extra minute I had in there. I love how it has turned out. I will post some pictures about it soon.

Anyways I still wanted to write a letter to Wild Man like I did with Romeo on his birthday so I can remember highlights of things that we did and went through each year.

So here goes...

Wild Man you are 3 years old!

Can you believe it!

Considering that I have never been able to keep any plants alive I am thrilled that you have survived.

Your first month in the world was a rough time. Because of your jaundice you had trouble eating and was 1 oz away of having to be admitted back into the hospital, as a failure to thrive child. Then Dad (who has never had the flu before) got the flu and was banned to the upstairs so as to not get either one of us sick. Then I got my mysterious infection and was back in the hospital for 4 days.

As crazy as that time was. You were the happiest and most relaxed baby I have ever been around.

You totally spoiled me by being such a easy baby.

I took you just about everywhere and anyone who looked at you would get the biggest smile from you. And the rest of the people would not even know you were in the room because you were so quiet.

Although that time did not last forever.

Because then you turned 15 months old.

I refer to this time as when you turned on me.

James Dobson wrote in Bringing Up Boys that there is a time in every little boys life between 15 months and 3 years that they defy their mothers and test their boundaries.

So apparently you started right on time.

Ironically this is also the time we found out we were pregnant with Romeo... I think that had more to do with it then anything.

As crazy as it was to have a spirited toddler while balancing on my short legs with a whale of a body, it was just a small glimpse as to what our future would be like.

You are definitely one very fun and funny person to be around. We just never know what you are going to do or say next.

One time you overheard Dad and I on the phone and you could tell that we weren't agreeing with each other. You then asked me if Daddy was mad at me. I said that was just didn't agree on something. Your response was the smartest thing you have every said to me.

You told me to "Tell daddy that mommy is always right."

A major reason I wanted to start this blog was to have a place to write down all the things that you do. So that I won't forget them.

We are so excited to see what you have in store for us this next year.

You are also a big people person. You have no problem making friends and always want to know what everybody is doing. Which is a question you ask me multiple times a day. By listing everyone you know (family, friends, your friends parents and siblings) and wanting to know what they are doing right then.

You never stop amazing up with how fast you learn things.

Like with the Polar Bear book. We read the book to you maybe 5 times and you completely memorized it.

Your Daddy is so proud of the little techie you are turning out to be.

What use to be my Ipod touch is now yours. You can play with that thing forever. And it has been wonderful when we have had to wait in places like the Dr's. office.

This year has been so much fun to take you to so many places.

One of your favorites was the Memphis Zoo (aka Uncy Andy's zoo). Which you ask at least once a week to go back to.

We went to Gatlinburg and while there you got to go to the Ripley's Aquarium.

We went strawberry and blueberry picking.

We got to see Thomas!

Though it has been rough at times you are turning into a great big brother.

Especially lately, you are turning into such a loving and caring little boy.

And then there is the potty training.

We tried different things to get you to go to the big boy potty. Unfortunately none of them have worked so far.

We tried the timer, bribing, and even running around outside bottomless.

We are confident that you know what to do and one day I will just walk by the bathroom and you will be sitting on the potty with no help from anyone.

I just hope it is before you start kindergarten.

This year we had one day of snow and that was a really fun day.

On your actual birthday, we went to The Grinch on Ice and then ate at the Rainforest Cafe. What a fun and eventful day.

But even though you are growing everyday and having real intellectual conversations with us.

You will always be my little baby boy.

I love you so much,


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Lyndsey said...

So sweet! I hope Conner had a good bday!!