Sunday, December 14, 2008

I have a confession!

Some of you probably got our Christmas Card in the mail this week.

Well I have to say I am pretty proud of our card. I worked really hard on it. But I have a confession. After quite a few people came up to me a church and asked me how in the world I could get my boys to sit still and look in the same direction. I feel that it is time to tell the truth.

...I couldn't get them to sit together and look in the same direction.

The entire Christmas picture was photo edited.

You are actually looking at 3 pictures...well 5 if you count the border and the hats.

The hats are obviously copy and pasted onto the picture, but the boys were too.

This was my first time to use photo editing software and I am sure that if you do it for a living, you can totally tell that it was edited.

The day we decided to take pictures I moved all the dining room furniture out and then hung up a bed sheet by uses chip clips on our big mirror.

Don't be jealous of our set up.

Then I put them in matching shirts, which ended up being too small on them. But I had in my head that I wanted a black and white photo of them. So I keep the shirts on figuring the white shirts would look best.

And we would now just do head shots.

I also at the last minute decided that I wanted them to wear Santa hats. So sweet Mr. Genius ran out and got two and well....

They would too small even for little 3 month old Griffin. They were tiny.

Oh well, he tried.

Bless him.

I then tried to bribe Wild Man with anything under the sun to sit next to Romeo without hitting or pushing him.

It worked for about 2 minutes.

This is the picture I used of Mason.

I think he was trying to fly away here.

Then this is the one for Wild Man. He was looking the wrong way though. So there is a great flipping tool in the photo editing software so it looked like they were looking in the same direction.

I am so sneaky.

Because I didn't exactly know what I was doing when editing I had to start from scratch and get a background rather then just move the boys around and use the same background.

So at the point that Wild Man didn't want to sit still anymore and he put Romeo in a choke hold.

I used that picture to cut out our background.

So with all of you having trouble with your kids sitting still for pictures.

I say photo edit all the way!

...just still use your own kids, cuz that would just be weird if you added random people in the picture.


agoetz200 said...

I would have never known!! I loved the card.

Lyndsey said...

I figured it has some editing but no where near all that=) How funny...I LOVE it though. I guess you have to get creative like that when you have 2 kids. It's hard enough to get one to look at the camera. =)

Katacomb said...

Haha! That's hilarious! I was thinking, "I don't remember seeing them do that when we were there...must have been later.." Love the card though. I may have to commission you when I have my million kiddos instead of one :) I do have a new dog though...don't ask...