Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chairs and the Dentist

We are all healthy right now!

*knock on wood*

Like I mentioned in my last post, Wild Man got sick Sunday night, March 1st, and then I got the bug on Wednesday. I am telling you we have never been so sick so much. Luckily neither Romeo nor Mr. Genius got this bug.

With the winter coming to an end I am crossing my fingers that the sickness is too.

I am also hoping that the items in my house will stop breaking too.

Here is a picture of my kitchen table.

One of these things is not like the other. Can you tell which one?

The back of the chair just broke off!

Really it is amazing that more of the chairs haven't broken before at this point. Our chairs are not just used for a place to sit down while eating, cutting coupons, coloring or to just sit and whine about the food that was placed in front of them (but Mr. Genius is getting better about that). They have also been known to be scaled the back of like a rock climbing wall, a shield from an onslaught of toys that suddenly fly into the kitchen by a 3 year old that claims he didn't know that toys weren't meant to be airborne, or a step ladder (guilty for that one).

So now I am just trying to figure out how we are going to fix the chair or just find some different chairs that can be stained or painted.

Speaking of painted furniture. Romeo has graduated to the blue table! I got rid of the high chair!

(Beth the red chairs work great thanks for letting us borrow them!)

One big advantage of the 2nd child is they want to do things that the older child does (can also be a challenge too). Romeo kept trying to sit at the table when it was time to eat so I just started letting him and he is doing really good at it.

I thought I would be really be sentimental about getting rid of the highchair since it has been in our kitchen since I was 8 months preggers with Wild Man.

That's 3 and a half years ago!

I was so happy to get that bulky thing out of my kitchen and I do not miss it one bit.

Another event that has happen in this household is that Wild Man had his first dentist appointment, and he did amazing!!

We went to Snodgrass and King that just opened up here in the 'Boro and I highly recommend them.

The dentist did mention that he has a enlarged thingy (the technical term).

It's that thing of skin that connects the upper lips to your gums and is right above your front teeth, or also know as a thingy.

When he is about 5 they will cut it, I am sure that will be a really fun day.

He also has an overbite and will probably have to have braces.

Are there any kids nowadays that do not have to have braces?

Other then that he looks great and did great!

We also learned that Wild Man knows his right and lefts now.

As Dr. Snodgrass was leaving the room Wild Man asks (very loudly I might add).


Here is a picture of Dr. Snodgrass.

He did try to wait til he was leaving to ask me what was wrong with him, I guess I should give him points for that.

Well, I set the camera out to take with us and I of course forgot it.

But here is a picture of Wild Man when we got home with his balloon. You can't tell but he is holding the toothpaste and brush and toy that he got in his hand.

Also notice the shirt he is wearing.

I made it! Well not the shirt just the tie on it.

And I didn't so much make it as iron it on and then highlight with a little sewing that may or may not have taken me about 2 hours just to figure out how to turn it on.

Hope everyone is having a great March.

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