Thursday, May 7, 2009

Matthew 21:22

And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.

Like I have stated before I have felt a peace in my heart that Chicago was going to be our next home.

It is now becoming closer to a reality.

We had 17 showings the 19 days we were on the market. Isn't that a blessing all on it's on in this economy?

Don't get me wrong I was very close to wanting to stay in a hotel just so the house I would bite my boys heads off for actually wanting to take their toys out to play with them.

Trying to convience them that looking at their toys is just as fun as touching them didn't happen.

I got the "you really are crazy aren't you" look.

With all the first time showings and no more 2nd showings, it was getting discouraging.

I prayed daily...

well actually hourly...

that God would help me to not stress about our house selling. I knew that he wouldn't give Mr. Genius this job and move us away and not take care of a detail like selling the house.

Then last Friday we had a 2nd showing with a couple that brought their parents.

Thanks to my nosy neighbors (AKA my parents) we learned why we didn't get an offer from them.

They were in our house for 45 minutes. I knew that they also had their eye on another house per their realtor's feedback from their first showing. So I figured to be in our house that long they were debating.

When they were walking out of the house my mom saw that they were standing in front looking out at the street and talking to someone.

Mom went to the front of the house and saw that there was a policemen parked in the middle of our cul de sac and talking to them.

Mom runs out of the house to see what the problem was.

It turns out someone in the neighborhood saw a wandering Hispanic man on our street and called the cops. The cop saw those people coming out of the house and assumed they lived there and asked them if they had seen anything.

The father grabbed his daughter (who would be the potential buyer) and said "If this is what goes on in this neighborhood my daughter will not be living in this house."

This of course would be the first time a cop has been on our street. If that cop just came 2 minutes later they would have never seen it.

God most definitely didn't want them to be the buyers.

On Saturday we had 2 more first time showings and Sunday another 2 first time showings.

Monday we got a 2nd showing!

Then on Tuesday we got 2 offers!

Isn't God so good.

We are actually able to sell the house for more then we were asking. And we are able to close exactly when I been praying for, May 29th, and we don't have to be out of the house til the 31st! Oh and we don't have to pay rent to the new owners for those few days after we close.

Isn't He awesome?!

I leave Monday to go to Chicago to look at houses.

I am kind of excited about this part.

I love looking at houses.

We have been looking in the Naperville area because we have heard what a good area it is, but I haven't found any houses that I just love there. They are older and because it is a popular place to live you are kind of paying for the Naperville name to live there.

I have found another area called Geneva. Does anyone know about this area?

Our realtor thinks we will like it. It has good schools, and good shopping. That is all I know. The realtor and I will be driving around next week so I am praying that I will just fall in love with the house that God has for us.

I am also praying that the owners will be willing to also close on May 29th. Along with offering quite a bit less then they have it listed for.

That isn't asking too much, is it?

Also the cousins pictures are all done!

Go to

Click on Client Ordering

Then choose Spottswood Grandkids from the drop down box.

The password is jane. (all lower case letters)

They are just too cute for words.

I can't wait to have these hung up in my house...wherever that may be.

So my sweet friends will you help us by praying that we find the house that God has picked for us. That has great christian neighbors and that they have kids our boys age, and maybe a money tree in the back yard.

I am just kidding about the last one...kind of.

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Lori said...

Oh Katie, I'm so excited for you! I love looking at houses it is my favorite past time. I look on all the time. I didn't know your parents lived next to you, wow.

Oh and whoever called the cops b/c a hispanic man was walking down the street would never be able to live in Texas. That's just ridiculous!

Moving to a new area is hard, but so exciting.