Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Because I can't sleep and I have no shame...

It is 1am and I CANNOT go to sleep.

We close on this house on Friday.

We don't have to be out of the house now til the 5th.

The movers come on June 3rd to pack our stuff.

They load all our stuff into the truck on the 4th.

They will be delivering our stuff somewhere between the 8th and the 11th.

The problem...

We still don't have a closing date for the IL house.

So we may have all our stuff piled up on the driveway until we can get the keys to the house.

I keep trying to give it to the Lord, but then I keep taking it right back.

So enough about all this house stuff.

I have a story to tell.

For the sake of protecting the innocent, the people in this story shall remain nameless.

This story is about a sweet little boy and a crazy mom.

This sweet little boy and this crazy mom decided to stay home from church on Sunday due to sweet little boy have a not so sweet little fever the day before. The fever was gone but to be on the safe side decided to stay away from other kids.

Instead they decided to relax, play together, and run some quick errands.

Now the crazy mom has been on a crazy new diet. It calls for not eating ANY processed food.

Unfortunately the day before the crazy mom went to her darling husband's grandmothers house and had a full delicious southern spread of foods with all things that were processed.

This didn't agree with crazy mom's new processed free stomach.

After feeling as though all things have (cough, cough) passed, crazy momma had a crazy notion to go to the storage unit and see what things that can be cleared out.

After being in the storage unit for about 10 minutes crazy mom realized that the new process free stomach was still mad at her and realized that she needed to find a restroom, NOW!

So crazy mom proclaimed to sweet little boy that this was a potty emergency.

Being how sweet little boy has only been potty trained for 2 months, he completely knew what a potty emergency was and helped crazy mom throw everything back into the storage unit as quick as possible.

Crazy mom and sweet little boy ran very fast back to the car only to realize that crazy mom left the keys in the storage unit!

Crazy mom started to look around for a nearby bush and was totally out of luck.

While sweet little boy buckled himself into the car as crazy mom ran in place and jumped around until she FINALLY found the keys that had fallen into a box.

Crazy mom ran like a total crazy woman back to the car and drove like a crazy driver to the nearest drug store.

Crazy mom and sweet little boy ran as fast as they could to the restroom.

As crazy mom finally sat down on her (clears throat) throne, sweet little boy sees that crazy mom has gotten to the throne a little too late.

This is how the conversation went

Sweet little boy " Aw mom did you poop in your underwear?"

Crazy mom "Well, kind of honey"

Sweet little boy "Aw, mom that is OK, you will do better next time."

...Later on in the day....

Sweet little boy "Mom?"

Crazy mom "Yes, honey."

Sweet little boy "I didn't poop in my underwear... Are you proud of me?"

Mockery it starts so young nowadays.


Lyndsey said...

No shame =) That is too funny! Poor Crazy mom!

Anonymous said...

That was an awesome story... I have done that a couple of times... lol Lisa G