Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I signed the boys up for a class called Abrakadoodle that was through the park district.*

*translation-the city

Why would I sign up for such a strange sounding class for my boys?

Um, it was free. 'Nuff said.

They are trying to get you to sign up and pay for more classes afterwards.

So the boys were in separate classes.

Romeo's class was first.

We were a smidge late because the boys and I were having the best time doing this:

Wild Man called it the "The two boy taco."

We walked in, then I had to get Wild Man occupied, so he would not want to do the craft that the little kids are doing.

I could tell the teacher was already not impressed with me.

Oh well, not going to be the teacher's pet this time.

They were sitting in a circle while the teacher was singing songs and then she showing the kids (and mom's) that we were going to be making a fly. Then demonstrated how to make it.

She then said to go and sit where ever you want at the table to start.

Romeo jumped up and ran to the table and started climbing in a chair.

The teacher came by and said, "Um, we won't sit over here cuz that was for activities when people showed up in the beginning of class."

Well excuse me. As I remember you said sit WHERE EVER!

Oh and we were just 4 minutes late.

Apparently this woman does some speedy activities.

The chances of us signing up for the extra classes are getting pretty slim at this point.

We moved to an "approved" area, and started making our fly.

Now just a few days ago I read this blog post on Baby Bangs. The jest of the blog was that she was so embarrassed because she did her sons project herself to make it pretty, rather then letting her son do what he wanted to do like all the other kids in the class did.

So I thought I am going to learn from this and guide Romeo on how to do some of the things but let him to what he wants to do.

I did put the wings on, because Romeo was getting frustrated trying to do it.

Here is what Romeo's fly ended up looking like.

Now for a 22 month old I was pretty impressed. But then again I did birth the child, so he can also belch really loud and I would be impressed with that too.

Our teacher doesn't have Romeo on the same pedestal as I do.

She came over and saw what Romeo did and trying really hard to hold back a look of shock.

All she could say was "Oh, we have a creative one."

I then looked up and all the other kids "flies" were perfect.

The legs were where they were suppose to be. They didn't color on the paper, only a few marks on the fly. The mom's were really doing the project while their kids just watched them.

Isn't that the point of kids doing an art class, so they can learn to be creative on their own?

Needless to say, we did not sign up for anymore classes for Abrakadoodle. Which is a shame cuz both boys would have really enjoyed it.


Katacomb said...

Whatever, that lady is lame! I'll go with you when I'm in town and we can tag-team her and take her down! No child should have flawless artwork...how boring is that?

Can't wait to see ya'll and your flies!

Rach said...

Katie--I read your blog all the time. Sorry I've been a stalker--guess I found it on FB?? I can't remember. Well first off it is SO good to keep up with you and your sweet family. I HAD to comment on this one because it is SUCH a pet peeve of mine. The downtown Nashvegas library does art after storytime during the summer and that is SO what most of the parents were doing. Hacked me off. I just let my kids do whatever it was they wanted {within the parameters of the activity} but as far as creativeness---who cares---isn't that what it's all about. Chick needs to take a chill pill and realize that fly was DANG good for a 22 month old. I'M impressed. :) Don't let it get ya down maybe the other classes will be better?!??? LOL