Friday, September 11, 2009

The first of many I am sure

Today we met with our playgroup and had a great time.

We went to a park, then went to the local airport where they have a cafe and the kids can watch the planes take off and land.

It was actually a fun place.

The bad part is that we were running late to get home for nap time.

In this home, nap time is a sacred time.

You do not mess with my children's nap time... or really my time to do whatever I please while in the confines of my home.

There was a lethal combination today with my boys being both tired for running around every inch of the park and stuffed from eating every crumb in front of them while staring at the endless amounts of planes at the runway.

The problem isn't so much with Romeo since he is able to sleep in the car and then be picked up and placed in the bed where he will promptly go back to sleep.

One of the many things I love about that child.

The mission today was to keep Wild Man awake. For if he closes his eyes for even just a second he will not go to sleep at nap time.

This will not do in my book, but it is a mission that I will do everything in my power to accomplish.

So what is a mother to do in this situation?

Act like they're are drunken crazy person... for the sake of the children of course.

I turned the music up really loud.

Sang at the top of my lungs, while trying to convince everyone else in the car to sing along.

And just when I saw their eye lids getting heavier I let out an alarmingly loud "Whoo Hoo!".

After doing this a couple of times, Wild Man got rather annoyed with me.

He growled and with a look of total disgust asked, "Mom, why are you acting like this?"

Pretty sure that will not be the last time I get asked this question.

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Jane said...

You'll are still asking me that! That's funny.