Saturday, October 23, 2010

Birthday Party

A week ago today, we had the boys birthday party.

Boy I have gotten a little behind on blogging...sorry guys.

If you are fairly new to reading my blog you should know that I do my boys birthday party together. It is just easier. Their birthdays are a month apart with Romeo's the day after Halloween and Wild Man's 3 days before Christmas.

So yes, I realize we are two months away for Wild Man's birthday, but with all the presents and Christmas parties going around that time of year it is hard to squeeze in a party to celebrate Wild Man in the middle of it.

Last year we had the boys party the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It is a great last memory with dad.

Because the day that I posted about the boy's party last year was dad's last day here on earth.

But that isn't really what I wanted to talk about today.

I really wanted to talk about the party.

Wild Man asked for a party outside with his friends. Luckily Romeo doesn't care yet.

Due to Chicago's winter weather outside parties ruled out November and December.

So we decided on October.

And I think we had some of the best weather we could have asked for. It was a great fall afternoon.

We had the party at a farm where there was lots to entertain the kids. Wild Man wanted a super hero party. I didn't know how to plan that, so I just asked the kids to come in their Halloween costumes.

As much as I would love to have a party at home where I would have many activities for the kids....I am just too lazy to come up with all that. So I have a party at places where all I have to do is bring the cake, party favors, and the kids.

The boys were so excited about the party that when they first got up they wouldn't eat much breakfast.

Now for my boys that is VERY unusual. Romeo wakes up early every morning asking for cereal. Then he proceeds to eat 2 to 3 bowls of cereal.

On this morning he ate half a bowl of cereal.

Later on we got to see the effects off too much birthday happiness and not enough food in stomach.

We took a hay ride over to the pumpkin patch where we got the kids out to take a picture.

Look for Romeo...

He refused to turn around.

But I have to give the child credit for not throwing a fit or screaming. He just stood there with his back to us.

Even when he is being defiant...he makes me smile. :)

After all, that is the cutest little back of a head in the picture. :)

We got back on the hay ride and went back and had cake. Romeo ate 3 pieces of cake. Then all was right with the world and we were on a sugar high that lasted 2 days.

I also want to point out how good God has been to us.

Almost a year and a half ago we moved up here not knowing a single person here. Then at the party we had 33 people that I now consider pretty close friends. Thank you Lord!


Chrissie said...

So glad you had a wonderful party! Praise the Lord for good friends!

Susan Wyatt said...

Great post. Looks like the party was a hit and I'm thankful for the friends the Lord has given you and Matt and the boys. Oh, and I doubt lazy is a term that could be used to describe you!

Jane said...

You are truly blessed with great friends. So glad I got to meet some of them. It was a perfect party for two perfect little boys...well, most of the time!

Lori said...

haha, I love that he wouldn't turn around and that you caught it so many times. I can just see the birthday boy doing that. Looked like a beautiful day and great party idea!