Saturday, January 29, 2011

The joys of a newly potty trained son continues...

Yesterday Romeo and I went to Old Navy while Wild Man was at school.

This trip to Old Navy will be the most memorable trip we will ever have, I am just sure of it.

After we were done with the shopping, Romeo decided he needed to go potty.

He walked right in and I sat him on the potty and then turned around to hang my purse on the door.

Then I heard a noise you do NOT want to hear in a restroom ESPECIALLY a public one.

I heard a Splash...

Romeo fell bottom first into the potty, and when I say into the potty...I mean really in that potty. His head and feet where the only thing sticking out of it.

It was a big potty in this restroom and Romeo is a little 3 year old boy... a bad combination.

As much as I would love to show you a picture of this, I thought my time was better spend getting him out.

So of course I ran over (we were in the handicap one and it was quite large) to get him out and in my actions the automatic flush came on before I could get him all the way out.

You can say my son got his first swirly...or even an enema.

I got him out and of course he was just dripping wet and shaking and crying. I felt so bad for him and was so completely grossed out and yet I was trying so hard not to laugh hysterically all at the same time.

I think it is safe to be said that there has been some psychological damage done here and it may be a while til we will be able to use a public restroom.

Although this does make a great story to share later on in his when he brings girls over or even his wedding.

Is it bad that I wish I had a picture of this? I think I have laughed about this for 24 hours straight though.


Tanya said...

Poor little guy! But yeah, a picture would have been priceless!

Hope his swirly hasn't put him off using the potty in general.

Lori said...

Laughing so hard. I can just picture it! I hope it doesn't set back potty training any.

Jessica @ Take Two Designs said...

Bless his little heart! My son hates it when the public potty flushes too...he thinks it's too loud. I always used a portable potty seat for him. You can get one at Walmart for about ten bucks. It folds up and has a little carrying bag. Then you can have a little peace of mind when sitting him on the public potty.

Thank the Lord my son can stand up and go. We don't have to touch anything anymore!!

Ellen said...

Poor little man! Being the mother of a boy, I can empathize, but I am sure he will appreciate you telling his girlfriend about it later!

Jen said...

Aww poor thing! But I can totally understand how this would be hilarious! One of the many memories of potty-training.

Oh, and here's a little tip I learned: If he is going to use a public restroom with an automatic flush, place a post-it note over the sensor to keep it from flushing. Hope that helps! :0)

Michelle Saunderson said...

Poor kid, what a nightmare.

Perfected Photographs said...

I cannot stop laughing! I am sorry, he really must have been quite scared. If it was me I probably would have had a panic attack from the whole germ standpoint but because it happened to you I find it absolutely hilarious. I mean that in the NICEST way possible =)

Laura @ Just For Love said...

Hahahah!! Oh my gosh, the poor little guy! I know it's kind of mean to laugh, but seriously, I can't stop laughing picturing it.

You sound just like my sister and I. My nephew is 4 and Parker is 2 and they are always having funny things like this happen to them. One time my nephew completely fell out of a chair and we were having such a hard time keeping it together. He even got hurt a little bit, that's why we felt bad. It still makes me laugh picturing my sister silently shaking as she hugged him. It was pretty funny.

Hope little Romeo isn't too traumatized to try the public restroom again soon!

Thanks for sharing the funny story : ) Hope you're doing well, Katie!

Lots of love,

Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek said...

oh my gosh! I am laughing so hard! Poor little guy!

Mom2three said...

This was too funny! Thanks for the laugh. Our daughter was terrified of those automatic toilets. I used to have to hold my hand over the "eye" because she was afraid it would suck her down into it if it flushed while she was on it.

ps. love the subtle snowflakes on your blog. Thought I was going to have to get my eyes examined!

Crystal said...

OMGosh! THat poor little dude...but I'm laughing so hard!! I can just see it all going down in my head. Poor dude!


I laughed out loud as I read this...all the while feeling so badly for you and your wee one. Gosh, what an experience for sure! Aren't their bums the teeniest and cutest? After reading this, my two year old son seems to be sitting lower and lower in the toilet bowl each time he uses the potty. I hadn't noticed before! Eek!

Thanks for the laugh!

Marci said...

This almost happened to my 3 year old a Porta-Potty! Luckily I caught her before she went swimming in the horrors below! It is a wonder any child survives potty training.

Jerri said...

Thank you for brightening my day with this story.

Yes I Blog said...

What are camera phones for if not to take pictures of events just like these??? I DO feel bad for him...trauma and all...but that's too dadgum hilarious! :-)

Tara Lauren said...

That is SO funny but not at the same time! Poor guy...a story you will have to tell at his wedding for sure!

eddieross said...

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Happy Thursday,