Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Score is...

Floor - 4

Potty- 1 (and by 1 I mean one little drop)

The potty training officially started today.

I threw a small potty party to start this momentous occasion.

Complete with balloons, streamers, and a toy to encourage good potty behavior.

I even went out and bought Kool-aid. Kool-aid has never darken the door of my house til this day. I was proud to say we were a Kool-aid free zone. But when it comes to potty training I am willing to throw my healthy ways just to be able to stop paying for those stinkin' diapers.

But alas the Kool-aid didn't work. Since Romeo has never even seen it before I didn't want anything to do with it. Sigh. So the part of the potty party to fill him up with as much liquids as humanly possible didn't work.

After dinner this was the scene in the most used room in our house at the moment.

Romeo on his Mobi go (so he would stay on the potty), a cup of juice that was constantly being offered to him, a bowl of m&m's to reward anything exciting would hopefully happen, and Ipod touch and a puzzle as back up toys to help with the entertainment. 

Wild Man even came in to offer some sage advice.

I am proud to say that after an hour of sitting, there was a small trinkle of success. Although less the 15 minutes later the floor was the better option...twice.

But the last time he did run to the potty and peed right in front of it so...a smidge of progress. 

But I wanted to show you what the half bath looks like at the moment. You can call this the during phase. Since I still have more plans for it.

I painted the vanity black and put hardware on it.

Then I framed out the mirror.

Don't you like my streamer job? ;)

I was in a hurry and Romeo really doesn't care what it looks like anyways.

Here is a close up of the frame.

I am really pleased with how the mirror turned out.

Now onto another announcment.

Silhouette is having another sale!
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That is the new vinyl that is more heavy duty and durable. I just got mine in yesterday and I am working on some crafts in between cleaning up and sanitizing the floors. 

I have really enjoyed my silhouette machine, I know you would enjoy yours!


Michelle Saunderson said...

I remember the days of potty training. My son almost never lived through it when he decided to pee on my antique dining room chair, even though it was a chair he rarely sat in.

Katie said...

Love the mirror! And everyone keeps telling me I'll dread the teen years ... I'm personally dreading the potty training year :)

Kimberli said...

Happy Belated SITS day! I'm loving the potty training party idea... I wish I had thought of it! : )I'm following you.