Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dear Wild Man

Today is the day you and I have been counting down to all summer.

Today is your first day of Kindergarten.

I will admit the beginning of this summer I was just as excited about this day as you were, but as the day drew closer I grew sadder.

For even though you looked like such a big boy today.

And you were lucky enough to get in the same room with 2 of your buddies/neighbors!

But I still look at you as my sweet baby boy,

who smiled and waved at everyone who passed us,

and would giggle with delight when LaLa (Elmo) would come on tv.

I am so proud of you and how much you have grown.

But now the true tests begins. Did you really listen to me all summer about keeping your hands to yourself....Only time will tell.

I love you Bud.

Have a great day at school and I will be waiting for you with open arms at the bus stop.


Jane said...

Sweet! You and Matt have done a great job getting him ready for today! Love you all!!

Lyndsey said...

Katie, we have been going through the same thing. Isabella just started K and I was so excited for her but sad too! She is LOVING it!

Pam said...

Aw, this made me a bit teary. (And I do get a bit teary when I remember my firstborn's first day of kindergarten still.)