Saturday, November 12, 2011

Christmas Pictures

Today was a pretty day here in Chicago.

The sun was out!

It maybe the last day we see the sun this year, so I took advantage of it.

We got the boys out to take their pictures for our yearly Christmas cards.

Can I say that those of you that are photographers...I tip my hat to you.

It was a job and a half to get these boys to look in the same directions.

Here are some outtakes from today.

Really big tree, two little boys...

This is when I remembered that Wild Man had been smacking on gum.

Here they are debating over who has the biggest belly.

Then they just started getting loopy.

So I asked then to stand still...


Then they were just over it and we called it a day.

Out of the almost one hundred pictures we took, we have one that is Christmas card worthy.

Thank goodness we have one good picture, so it wasn't a lost cause.

Have you all taken your Christmas pictures yet?


Tracey said...

How cute!... glad to hear you got one you liked out of the lot.

We have never taken Christmas pictures as a family, but I love the idea!

Jane said...

HaHa! If you had trouble with those two, how am I going to get a pic of all 7 of the "grands" together? yikes!

Jess said...

Did you know that if you have Windows Live Photo gallery, you can join photos? My kids are never! looking at the same time but if you have 2 or more pic with the same pose you can swap out heads!! Most awesome.