Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Closing

As we are getting more settled into our little apartment and we are getting closer to Thanksgiving I thought I would use this time to tell you all how our closing went.

Selling our house to downsize I am fully aware is not the norm in our culture. Everyone is pushed to want bigger and better.

Selling our house and moving into an apartment doesn't mean that I do not want bigger and better too! For instance I dream to have a kitchen like this...

Or my own little craft room/office that has every color in the rainbow.


What it does mean is that I want to have those things when I can pay for them out right.

So many people have left sweet and concerned comments and emails saying are you sure that you should be selling right now? There might be a better way to get our of debt. And other things that I would totally be saying a little over a year ago.

And no this is not the best market to sell in, but I will say that God blessed us by selling our house so fast. We are one of the very few non short sales that sold in our neighborhood or even our area. In Chicago I know is a lot worse then other areas right now with the housing market.

But I will be honest even when we got a contract on our house for almost our asking price and then the inspection when AMAZING. All we had to do was clean the chimney. 

Did you read that... ALL we had to do was clean the chimney!

But I also started doubting our decision. 

When we drove to the office for our closing I was so sick to my stomach. I was seriously doubting our decision. I didn't want to leave our pretty house with all our great neighbors. I work hard on that house and I had sooooo many more plans of what I could do with it. But alas, we were now stuck with selling the house.

So I told myself...fine then I don't have to like the people taking my house from me.
I even told Mr. Genius that if they say one bad thing about my house I am calling the whole thing off. 

I am sure I said it with my bottom lip sticking out and my arms crossed and my feet stomping the floor...just like a mature Christ-loving woman should be acting.

So we sat down at closing and the couple buying our house walked in. And of course to my dismay, they were nice people. 


And the wife was holding an adorable 4 week of little girl.

Double Drat!

They walked in shook both our hands telling us how excited they are to be buying our house and how much they love all the things we have done to it. Talked in detail about how the colors were perfect and the trim work we did.

Then I thought well they must be pretty ok if they compliment all the work I have done. 

So I reluctantly talked to the wife in between signing all the papers. 

We found out that there were moving here from the a suburb of Washington DC. They have a 3 year old that has the same birthday as my Romeo. 

By the end of it I felt like we were friends. I was ok with handing over my house to them. Not happy about it, but ok with it.

But my friends it gets better...this next part showed me that God's hand was in every detail of this sale. 

While we were waiting for the HUD. Apparently that is the last thing you need to show that the sale is final. 

I turned to the husband and asked what he did for a living, he said that he sold telecommunication systems.

I half smiled and solemnly said "Aw, that is what my dad sold."

Then Mr. Genius asked, "Did you happen to know Ted Spottswood (my dad)?"

The guys face turned white and his mouth dropped open. 

He said, "Uh yeah, I worked very closely with him the last 5 years he was with us. I knew him very well."

I was in shock. 

"You know my dad?" in a small almost little girl voice, is all I could get out cuz I just broke down and cried. 

The husband stood up and said the most wonderful things about my dad. Things I already knew about him, but it is just refreshing to hear them from other people. 

He then too started to cry and came over and gave me a hug. 

His wife knew my dad's name due to the fact her husband was very upset when he found out my dad died.

My realtor had left the room for a second and then saw I was upset and well pretty much everyone in the room but the 4 week old baby was crying. 

When she came in we told her about the new buyers knowing my dad. She of course was amazed but she grabbed my arm and starting shaking it saying over and over. "Katie, this is AMAZING! Katie, This is just a God thing!"

Which I totally agree with. 

I mean just thing about it. A couple that is originally from TN and another couple that is from DC move and meet up in a far suburb of Chicago over one house! Then what we have in common is my dad!
This was the confirmation I needed to absolutely know with every fiber in my being that we are doing the right thing by selling our house right now.

Although it really made me miss my dad even more. I wanted to call him so bad to tell him what happened.

So friends, if you are rolling around in your head about making hard decisions to get completely out of debt. Do it! And then come here and tell me what blessing that God gave you and revealed to you in the process.


Lisa @ Simplified Saving said...

What a cool story Katie! Your dad really was an amazing man!

Anonymous said...

chillbumps. Our God is an AWESOME God!!!!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i started crying reading it.... amazing.

Courtney said...

Katie, LOVE what you are doing and I am so touched by how God's hand was in it. Your dad was a truly amazing man!! We are currently preparing to put our house on the market and buy a house together with my mother-in-law... the goal is to get us both out of debt and set her up for care as she gets older. EVERYONE thinks we are crazy for it, but I have such a peace...her house sold in 8 its our turn! :)


Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

What an amazing story!

And kudos to you for downsizing. That is so wonderful and smart. I could just go on and on about minimalism and materialism and debt etc. But I won't. You obviously already know all of that. = ) It's just encouraging to hear.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh goodness, I have tears in my eyes and can hardly see what I am writing...Of course he knew your Dad, who do you think brought them to buy your house? Yep, I believe there is no coincidences!


Jennifer said...

I love hearing stories of when God shows Himself in a big way! What a great comfort and peace knowing that He's confirming your decisions.

Glimpse of My World said...

ok i am crying... i am a realtor here in Texas...your story gave me chills and tears of how we impact lives.. give your realtor a hug.. she sounds like a jewel... and I do believe your dad said... you made a great choice... hugs to u!

rlsecor said...

Hi Katie
I'm Becca from St Louis area - I started following your blog sometime in a list of many other blogs when I saw something I loved....

We have a great job - but a lot of debt and We are in the middle of a downsize. We had a buyer and moved and started our new life and then the sale fell through. Now we have 2 houses.

It is strange how comfortable we feel in our new MUCH smaller home. It feels like we are doing the right thing even though we don't know what is going to happen with the other house.

It is encouraging to hear your story. I believe that He has his hand in all things. But, it is hard to see it when you are in the middle of it.

Thanks for sharing your story.

Annelies said...

I know you wil be ok...because I have walked your journey. I like to tell people we lived in the big house on the top of the hill, and now we live in the little house at the bottom of the hill. You is ALL ok. Look forward with joy. There will be many blessings to follow. XXX

Nancy said...

Thank you for sharing your story. You just know when those God moments happen and there is no doubt he has his hand on us. When you spoke of your Dad a big lump welled up in my throat as I thought of my dear departed Dad. God bless you and your family. I just found your blog and enjoy it.

Jeffrey and Michelle said...

I just found your blog from Pinterest and that is an amazing story! Good luck with your new adventure!

Lori said...

Wow Katie that is amazing!!! Our sell hasn't gone quite so well, but God is providing every step of the way.

Fibromommyx3 said...

What an amazing story of how God showed you that He was in control and just loved you so much. Thank you for sharing it.

Heather said...

Hi, my name is Heather! Please email me when you can, I have a question about your blog!


Trayc said...

Okay, I know you wrote this a long time ago (and I hope your apartment dwelling is going well!), and I know you have no clue who I am, but when I read a story that so obviously shows God's amazing hands in our lives I can't help but feel a connection with the person who also saw it as His hand. I have tears rolling down my face. THANK YOU for sharing this story. God is so, So, SO good!! (and your Dad saw it...I can imagine that he was doing his heavenly thang and Jesus says, "Hey! Ted! Come here! You've gotta see what my Father set up're going to love this!!" ) Have a great day, Kristie!


Elizabeth P. said...

Hi Katie,
I just wanted to say what a blessing it was to stumble across this blog post today. My husband and I have decided to sell our house in order to reduce our debt and while we feel peace about it, I find myself feeling sad at times to leave my wonderful neighborhood and our first home where we lovingly remodeled our bathroom and other areas of the house. Needless to say it was encouraging to see how God encouraged you through that hard time and brought extra special encouragement your way. It encourages me that God is leading me where He wants me to go, and He doesn't have the intention of making my life worse. (Boy did I say encourage a lot :) Thank you again for sharing!

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