Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Life as a Renter

Whoa where did the last 3 months go?!

Well let me tell you we have been busy!

I know a lot of you have been asking me how life is now and well I thought I should tell you. I am not going to sugar coat it either. 

Moving to this apartment has been...well...a challenge. To say the least.

At first we were really thinking, "Holy Moly, did we make the right decision?"

The first challenge was the boys sharing a room.

Great googly moogly. We went from the boys going to sleep with NO problems at 8pm and waking up at about 6:30-7 while at the house to moving here and having a "playmate" in the bed next to them. Which caused them to not go to sleep til around 10-11 and waking up at 5:30! No one in this house was a happy camper during the day.

The lack of alone time was an issue for me. Being more on top of each other started stressing me out. I was snappier with the boys and with Mr. Genius. But the snappiness could have a little to do with the lack of sleep too.

But the biggest problem since moving into this apartment is that we have been sick... ALOT!

The first time I walked into this apartment the smell from the chemicals they put in the carpet literally took my breath away.

I quickly opened all the windows to try to air it out. Then bought LOTs and LOTs of baking soda to pull up the smell. Which did help. But the chemicals were still in the carpet. 

Since moving in we have since found out that the previous tenants had 4-5 dogs! So the chemicals was to cover up the smell. Yuck!

Well I have told you all about how Romeo had a horrible cough for over a year and nothing would get rid of it until I changed our cleaners to Shaklee cleaners. Well...lets just say the reaction to the chemicals in the carpet or whatever is in the apartment has been worse the just a cough. Mr. Genius has been the only one that hasn't gotten sick. The boys and I have been VERY sick with upper respiratory infections. So sick in fact that we have spent more in medical co pays in the past 3 months then we have spent in the past 2 years.

But it hasn't been all horrible.

The first little light at the end of the tunnel was when we got our first gas and electric bill. Combined they were $90! Which is amazing to us, considering that we were paying 4 times that a month in the house, especially in the winter. 

One of my real concerns about living in the apartment was the fact that we would not have a garage.

Now that might not seem like a horrible thing to some of you. But let me remind you what our driveway looked like at almost exactly a year ago.

Being that we live in Chicagoland where we get a lot of snow, and then me being still not very accustomed to the snow. It caused me some stress about not having a garage.

But miracle of all miracles, just like the rest of the country we have had the best winter this southern girl could ever ask for!

I mean look! It is February and we are not wearing gloves or hats! and there isn't any snow on the ground! This winter has been a true blessing!

Also this apartment has really grown on us. Mr. Genius came home one day from work and said, "Is it weird that I am starting to really like our little apartment?"

I sat and thought about it for a second and said, "No, I am really starting to like it too!"

We feel like it is our little warm cave. Yes, I do wish it had one more bedroom and updated appliances. But we are really starting to enjoy it here.

On a side note, we got a air purifier and have been using all our Shaklee cleaners. So far we haven't been sick for almost 3 weeks! Yippee. We are crossing our fingers that we stay that way.

Having a smaller place has its perks. It takes me about 30 minutes to clean this entire place bathrooms and all. Not having a yard to worry about opens our weekends up. We have been able to spend more time together as a family. We really are enjoying that part.

I know there will be more trials and challenges that I plan on sharing along the way!


Blessed Bentons said...

So proud of you guys for doing what you know God was calling you to do...even if it doesn't "look" like what you should be doing or might want to do. Inspiring. :)

Kamao Poot said...

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