Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shaklee Review of Naturebrite, Basic H, and Scour off

I have been postponing blogging about the Shaklee products cuz I wanted to make sure I came across as sincere as possible.

I have done a giveaway for Shaklee before and I mentioned then how good their products were.

Since then I have been using the products consistently for well over 8 months. I liked the products then and now...I LOVE them!

Like BIG heart LOVE them!

I knew the products were organic and knew that it would be healthier for our family, but all I heard was blah, blah, blah.

Not that I didn't want what is best for my family, I just didn't really get it. You know?

I did always think as I was cleaning my shower and the fumes felt like they were burning my nose hairs, lungs, and eyes, that this can't be healthy for me. But just came to the conclusion that it was just the way it was and that was the end of that thought.

So my sweet friend Debbie Clinton, who sells Shaklee, and who advertises on my site. Since I know her personally she asked if she could advertise on my site by paying me in products each month.

To me I thought, free cleaning products...SURE!

So I started using the basic H cleaner. I used this for a month, and then I realized that I haven't heard Romeo cough in quite a while.

Now let me back up a little bit. Romeo had a consistent bad cough. It was actually a croup cough.

And I KNOW a croup cough when I hear one. WildMan had croup no less then 20 times the first year Romeo was on this earth. We have been through the ringer with croup.

Romeo's cough was only once or twice a day, but everyday. He didn't have a fever, he wasn't losing sleep. He just had this random yet consistent cough.

Then with a month of using basic H as my was gone!

Crazy right?!

So I started this what they were talking about with the whole organic better for you thing?

hey I am a slow learner people.

So I started adding more Shaklee products.

Now I can't say that we have had any other ailments that have gone away. But I can tell you that we didn't get the far...knock on wood. And Mr. Genius and I didn't get the flu shot!

So we know that the disinfectant works well!

All my married life I have been buying products with what ever was on sale and if it didn't work I just thought that it just couldn't be cleaned. There was nothing that could be done.

Then I used Shaklee, and I realized that I have just been using inferior products. Because let me tell you, Shaklee works people!

Now let me show you an example of how good it works.

You have all seen my painting projects I have been working on...what you haven't seen is the laundry room sink where I clean all of my paint brushes, rollers, paint pan, and any other tools that I needed cleaned.

After I cleaned the tools...I didn't clean the sink. Because doing the projects are much more fun then cleaning up.

So here was my sink...and the picture totally doesn't do it justice.

The rust, paint, and just plain nastiness greeted me every time I walked into the laundry room.

But the sheer grossness of this sink required more then one cleaning product.

First I used Nature bright which works great on your laundry too.

Filled the sink up with hot water then put a scoop of Nature Bright in.

I let it sit for about 30 minutes, then when I drained it...

Much better, but not the best it could be.

still some rust stains and there are some deep scratch marks. I think the previous owners were needing to get out some frustrations and had a sharp knife handy and had at it in this sink.

This is when I called Debbie, who has been using Shaklee for 14 years and knows her stuff. She told me to make a paste with with a little bit of nature bright and then pour a tsp of Basic H concentrate.

This paste also got nail polish off of Debbie's carpet!

Then I got an scrubby sponge (atleast that is what I call it) and scour off. First I put the sponge in the scour off.

Then dip the sponge into the mixture of nature bright and basic H.

The I scrubbed the sink and this was the result!

Isn't that crazy!

Remember we started with this.

To this.

So people needless to say I HIGHLY recommend Shaklee! If you have a question please contact Debbie she is a wealth of knowledge!

PS: I did get paid by products to advertise on my blog, and now because we are buying more and more products each month I am compensated in other ways, But I in NO way get any incentive for anyone else buying products from Debbie. This review was out of the my true opinion and that is it.

Thanks you guys, now go and get some Shaklee!


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oOOoooOooO I LOVE clean :)

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That is AWESOME!