Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another eventful Sunday

Just another crazy day in our household.

We got ready for church as usual and were actually early. WHAT?! I know, a miracle.

I had already dropped off the mystery bottle in the nursery earlier this week so wouldn't forget it. Well apparently now Romeo has a reputation. When we walked in they immediately asked where exactly we will be for both hours. I told them and they wrote it on a board. (I felt like I was back in elementary school again. "Two more outbursts and you will be going to the principles office." )  Romeo was fine when I first gave him to one of the workers, but it was almost like he had a flashback of last week and drinking some nasty tasting milk because he suddenly started screaming for no apparent reason. I told the workers that I would come back after Service to check on him. Their eyes light up saying that was a great idea.

So after the service I went directly to the nursery to see a different worker trying to console Romeo...sigh. I walked in and they immediately handed him to me and grabbed my bags and brought them to me. If I didn't know better I would think they were really counting down the minutes to my arrival.

The bad part of this is, we still had to go to Sunday School and Mr. Genius was teaching this week. Romeo made it through the opening prayer, but then I headed outside and walked him for about 40 minutes until he went to sleep. I made it back in just before the closing prayer. Urgh. I really wanted to be in there. We are doing a new study on marriage. I thought it might need to be in there to defend myself. :) But I know that he did a good job.

So we headed down to pick Wild Man up.

I first need to back track a little bit. Wild man has suddenly been on this big kick of broccoli. He could seriously eat it at every meal. The night before I made Wild Man and me a bowl of broccoli to share. (we are still working on Mr. Genius, he just now able look at it) I put it on the table, Wild man grabbed it and eat the whole bowl and wouldn't let me eat one. I made another bowl so I could have some and he eat that one too! So back to what happened at church.

We walked into his room and noticed he was not wearing the same clothes that we dropped him off in. Which is never a good sign. Then the teacher informed me that he had a very messy diaper all the way up his back... niiiiiice. All that broccoli coming back with a vengeance.

So both of my boys are now least liked in their classroom, wonderful.

Then we started heading home, Mr. Genius gets a call from someone he emailed on craigslist about a Playstation 3. Mr. Genius has been trying to get his hands on a PS3 for a couple of months now. He says it is for the Blue ray DVDs and not the games, but we will see about that. He even sold 5 computers in our attic on craigslist to get the money. So this has been a long time waiting. Now let me also say that for the past 2 months Sunday afternoons have been MY time. I don't ask for much (stop rolling your eyes Mr. Genius), when it comes to doing something by myself but since I have started CVSing I need to go by myself. It is hard enough to do all the math to figure out how to get it down to just the tax when I am by myself let alone when I need to entertain two little boys. Also if don't go on Sunday a lot of the stuff is gone.

If you haven't learned the CVS game check it out of www.moneysavingmom.com. It is great, confusing, but great.

Anyways, I hear Mr. Genius say "So when today can we meet? Ok, I will call you as soon as we are done with lunch." Seriously? Don't get me wrong, Mr. Genius is a wonderful husband. He helps me out with the boys a lot and cleans the house, puts up a play set. I couldn't ask for a better husband. For some reason he had a laps in his wonderfulness and all he sees are blue ray disks and he....must.....go.....get....them.

After he can clearly see that I am not happy, he calls his parents to come over while the boys take their naps and we both can do what we want to do. I think that he got lucky that his parents didn't have anything planned and could drop everything right them and come over.

I went on to CVS, and the day just kept getting better. They didn't have anything that I needed to get the ECBs (Extra Care Bucks). I needed 4 razors, they had 3. I needed 6 post-its, they had 5. AHHHHHHHHH!

Alright so while I was there I would at least get the medicine I got called in from my OB to help with nursing. So I go there and the pharmacist says "We don't have anything for you, let me check one more place. Oh here you are. You need medicine for anti-nausea?" WHAT, ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I told him what I did call in for and he said that doesn't see how the medicine they called would help my issue at all. WONDERFUL!

I called Mr. Genius, all happy of course. (sense the sarcasm). He informed me there was another CVS on the other side of town near my college apartments. So why not, lets try to see if there is hope for the day yet.

I got into that CVS. They did have the razors, did not have the post-its. Fine. At least I cannot come home empty handed. I did my calculations and saw that I needed something else for a $1. Grabbed Color Wonder fingerpaints that were on clearence for 75 cents! Woo-Hoo, they day is getting a little bit brighter. So went to check out.

While I was there 3 teenagers came in. The cashier called for the manager. She informed him that those teenagers came in yesterday and things were missing after they left. Did I mention that this is in the not so good part of town? The manager tells her to go over the loud speaker and call for security. She did, they ran out, with the manager chasing behind them. Then the cashier calls out to the manager again and says there is another one still in hear! The manager goes back searching for him. I am leaving by this point. And the other teenager walks right in front of me yelling "I should smack allyall" Yes allyall would be one word. Now I am not up on my ghetto lingo but I would think that smack is some ghetto word for shooting. So I rush to my car. The manager came out, right in front of my car, making sure the teenagers were leaving.  The teenagers car were in front of the manger and they were having a staring contest. I got out of there as soon as possible thinking that there was going to be a shooting and I would have been directly in the line of fire! I can see it now in my obituary. Mother of 2 bargain hunting to the very end. 

Well I still got 2 razers, 2 razor refills and the fingerpaints all for 49 cents! But I will not be returning to that CVS. Lesson learned.

Hope everyone had a better day then me.


Jennylee said...

Wow, what a day! I'm sorry, Katie. I'm glad you were not shot or anything though. :) I hope your next Sunday is much better!

Katacomb said...

A+ on the blog. I love it! You've motivated me to get started on mine. I still haven't quite figured it out completely but it is pretty fun! Mom and Courtney also have fun shopping the coupon sales at CVS. Another thing to add to the list of Memphis non-awesomeness is the fact that there is no CVS in the city limits. No saving CVS bucks for me!