Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Bottle

Sunday morning started out just like any other Sunday with me frantically running around trying to get everyone feed, dressed, and diaper bags ready to go out the door. So we all piled into the van and got to church dropped the boys off and then Mr. Genius and I went on to the service.

Well today went a little different. As I was leaving the service Lori Stewart grabbed me and asked for me to help her in the kitchen to make lunches for 2 luncheons she had to put together in an hour! (She is wonder woman, she can do anything and do it with flair). So Mr. Genius went on to Sunday School while I cut cantaloupe and dressed the tables.

Well then towards the end of what would have been my Sunday School hour, all the sudden I see Mr. Genius with Romeo in his arms. (Never a good sign) asking if we could go on and leave. This is very unusual. Not that I have perfect children, it is just that for some strange reason they can be horrible with me and as soon as I drop them off at church or at the Y the teachers always so "Fussy? Oh Not at all! They were great, the best baby in the class." and then I pick them up and they start screaming again. (Always encouraging as a mom) This time was apparently different. Romeo started crying and couldn't be settled down. The teachers and the preschool director knowing that this is very unusual for Romeo went on and brought him to Mr. Genius thinking he may be sick or something. They told Mr. Genius that they feed him the food and the bottle that was in his bag. We did put food in his bag, but not a bottle. Since I have worked in the nursery before and know how crazy it gets with upwards of 15 babies and not enough workers, sometimes you forget which baby did what. I didn't give much thought to the bottle thing.

So we picked up Wild Man and went on our way home. Crazy enough Romeo was fine when we got home, he got a little fussy at times but nothing unsual.

At the end of the day I started emptying out the boys diaper bags when I saw this in Romeo bag.

An empty Advent bottle! What is so shocking about this is I am breastfeeding Romeo and I didn't leave a bottle in his bag. And we don't even own any Advent bottles, we use Playtex dropins. Not only that but the bottle didn't smell like it had formula in it but someone else's breastmilk! So not only did those poor workers have Romeo screaming but apparently another baby was not happy because someone else drank his lunch!


Jennylee said...

Oh my goodness! I would've been mad. Maybe Mason was mad because he knew it wasn't the same! Sorry he had such a hard time though!

Katie said...

Well it was already done, so getting mad wouldn't have changed anything. Plus I have worked in the nursery before and know how crazy it gets in there especially when people don't label their stuff, like say... bottles.

Lori said...

Eww! That's kind of gross to think Mason was sucking on someone else's breast milk.

Kendra at Hand Prints On The Wall said...

I just wanted to thank you for your encouraging comment on my site. I wanted to let you know that I've decided to keep the blog up, one way or another! So I'd love to have you come visit Handprints On The Wall again soon! Thanks so much for your support!!