Saturday, June 7, 2008

One step closer

Wild Man is sleeping in a big boy bed!

Mr. Genius and I were expecting the worst night ever. I made sure that Mr. Genius would be home and not have to work the next couple of days, in case we only got 30 minutes of sleep.

First as a gesture to show Wild Man would not have the baby bed anymore, we told Wild man that he should give the bed to JJ and Pop so that Eli and baby Griffin (Kat and Andrew's soon to be addition) could sleep in it.

Wild Man helped us take out his blankets and walked with us over to JJ and Pops.

He never protested.

Wild man also helped me put bells on his doorknob so we could hear him if he tried to get out of his room.

That night Mr. Genius did the normal night time routine and just layed him in the bed and told him he couldn't get out. Wild Man cried for about 20 minutes and only got out once! Since then we haven't had a problem. Nap time went great too. It is such a blessing. I was really worried about this. Wild Man doesn't take to change very well.

Although, it was funny. On the first night at 3:30am Wild Man started crying again. I thought maybe he realized he wasn't in his baby bed. Mr. Genius went up there. Wild man had dropped his blanket on the floor right by the bed and his cars were on his bedside table. He wanted them. Apparently we have really put the fear of God in him for getting out of the bed because he wouldn't do it.

Here is his bed:

The bedside table was within 5 inches of him and this bed is VERY low. Wild Man can't even fit below this bed it is so low to the ground.

So the fact that he wouldn't reach the blanket and the cars makes me think that we have done our job well!

I think that parenting is a good combination of threats and bribery. The threats really worked for us on this occation.

The next step closer to being a big boy is potty training. So not looking forward to that one.


Jennylee said...

Yay! I'm glad it went well! And his room is so cute by the way, if I haven't said it before!

Andrew said...

that's great. i'm glad it went so well. looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend.