Sunday, June 29, 2008

Just when I thought it was getting better...

Wild Man started to be such a good big brother. He started playing nicely with Romeo and actually having fun with him. If Romeo wasn't around, Wild Man would ask where he was and be very concerned.

Just when I thought it was getting better there is always a setback...

Yesterday we were listening to the Laurie Berkner band. (Highly recommend this DVD) Conner wanted to show Daddy his new choreography skills. So Mr. Genius took some pictures and at just the right moment turned to camera to the video mode.

So here is what happened.

The first song he ran to catch me during "I'm going to catch you"

Saying AHHH on "Nurse Day"

Wild Man listening to the sounds

Then we started "Marching like a Dinosaur" It started out so cute.

If you are wondering where Wild Man is during all of this. He is sitting on the floor just admiring his big brothers every move. And then this happens...

What is up with Wild Man saying Ow after he kicking Romeo. And then Romeo didn't even whimper, not one bit. He acted as though this is completely normal.

Mr. Genius thinks that Wild Man will be a football kicker especially how he set up the ball (aka Romeo's head) before the kick.

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