Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Romeo is 10 months!

I truly think that the second child grows up so much faster then the first child.

I just cannot believe that Romeo is 10 months old. It kind of makes me sad. I love the first year. Maybe it is because they don't know that I am crazy yet, but mostly because they are just so loving and they let you love on them. But don't get me wrong I know that it is one of the hardest years too... then again I haven't had teenagers yet.

Since I have stopped nursing, Romeo has really chunked up. Amazing what a week of formula would do to a child. He just got in his 8th tooth. He is saying Momma, Dada, and Hi. We think he has said Bye. If he hasn't he is really trying to say it.

He is still quite the momma's boy. Finally, we have been able to leave him at my parents house for a little while and he actually enjoys himself now. Church is a whole other story. I don't think they know what he looks like without screaming. The only way they can slightly calm him down is to stroll him outside. Those poor workers.

I know this is a stage, but I am ready for it to pass.

And I am pretty sure the church workers will give me an amen on that last statement.

When Romeo was about 5 months, I noticed every morning when I would go to get him out of bed part of the bumper would be pulled to the middle of the bed. (One corner doesn't tie to the rails). At this time I didn't think that Romeo was mobile yet. So each morning and naps I would just put it back where it belonged. Then one time after I laid Romeo down I had to pick up some clothes or something and I noticed Romeo flipped over onto his belly and squirmed with all his might over to the corner of that bumper. He then pulled it down to him, laid his head on one part of the bumper and then quietly started rubbing the tags with his fingers. It was the cutest thing. I kept telling myself I need to get a picture of this before this stage passes. Well it took me 5 months but I did get the picture.

I do realize that I am the only one that cares but I thought I would still share.

So the bumper is now perminately down in that corner. Until I figure out a way to cut up this bumper. He will be dragging the entire thing through my house one day.

Romeo has started waving. Well he atleast raises his arm when you say Hi and Bye to him. I call it the Hile Hitler wave, because he just raises his hand straight up in the air.

This isn't a very good picture of his wave, but with a fast wave and a slow camera, this is the best I got.

Romeo can fly up those stairs like his pants are on fire, or maybe it is because Wild Man is chasing after him and he is fleeing for his life.

**An update on how the potty training is going. **

Well it isn't going anymore. Wild Man decided to hold in his bodily fluids in rebellion so I decided to hold off a little bit. Hopefully with Mother's Day Out starting and him being almost the only one not potty trained he will give it a try. I know, I know it may not work but a mom can atleast hope.


barclay said...

I am so glad you found me! I am loving reconnecting with people. Your boys are adorable. Doesn't time fly! Let's keep in touch.

barclay said...

Hey! Can you send me yours and your brothers' email addresses? I want to add you to my address book.