Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our amazing 2 year old

Like most 2 year olds, Wild Man has a favorite book. His is Polar Bear, Polar Bear What do you hear?

Wild Man is like a little sponge. He absorbs all types of things. He now remembers things, which is good and bad. Good because we can tell him stuff and he will remember it, bad because we can tell him stuff and he will remember it.

You know when you say something like "Ok honey if you go on and get into bed you can eat ice cream after your nap."

Then he wakes up wondering where the ice cream is.

So then you have to go to Sonic cuz your are a bad parent and didn't actually think you were going to have to feed your child ice cream.

Learn from my mistakes.

Back on the subject now. Wild Man got this book about 3 weeks ago, if even that long. I read it to him about 5 times. Mr. Genius read it to him about 5 times too. Then all of the sudden I was in the kitchen and I heard Conner "reading" the book.

He can't actually read.

We are not the type to produce prodigy children.

I finally got it on video and my genius of a husband edited the video to get it on here.



Katacomb said...

That is hilarious! Conner cracks us up over here. That's great though, because now he can read Griffin some stories when we're in town next month! Griffin is really excited about it, actually. I love this video! Mom, dad, and Andrew really enjoy it too! Thanks for posting it!

Lyndsey said...

Wow...impressive. Very cute too. I forgot to tell you that I found a truck the other day while I was cleaning. I'm assuming it's Connor's. We'll get it back to you next time we see you.