Wednesday, June 17, 2009

11 Things I have learned in the past 2 weeks

1. Chicago's interstate exits are not numbered.
They are named after the name of the road you get off on. So you don't know how close or far away you are from you destination... annoying.

2.Don't mess with Wild Man's food.
Wild Man had no problem when we started packing up his toys, nor did he have a problem moving our swing set away. But when I took our kitchen table out at the end of our driveway to sell...Watch out...He totally freaked out wondering where he was going to eat breakfast. Then when our neighbors bought it (Thanks Erin and Mike) and took it into their garage. He asked if we are going to start eating our meals in their garage.

3. Moving companies are a blessing and a curse.

4. Has learned to be a tree hugger overnight.
When you are charged for every bag of garbage you put out but can recycle as much as you want for free. You learn real fast to embrace your inner hippy.

5. Ikea is my new best friend.

6. It is inevitable that when you forget to bring a change of clothes for your potty trained son...there will be an accident.

7. It is more embarrassing for the mom then the bare bottomed child to wait for a change of clothes in the public bathroom.

8. When extremely motivated you can unpack 75% of your home in half a day.

9.The drive from TN to IL through Indiana is the most boring drive in the world.

10. The state of Indiana smells like poop.

11. People in Chicago consider themselves Midwesterners not northerners. In order to make friends I have declined to show these people a map.


Melissa said...

So glad you posted! I was beginning to worry about the Woodruffs! It sounds like you have learned a lost the past couple of weeks! Love #11~! too funny!
And I agree with #10 completely! UGH!
Here's hoping you have a blessed day and maybe some shopping with your new BFF-Ikea!

Lori said...

I have to disagree. The drive from TN to TX is extremely boring!