Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A glimpse in the future?

Wild Man had his four year check up.

He again surpasses his mom and dad by being in the 75th percentile in his height.

We are so proud.

But after the Dr. left is when I had a big surprise.

Wild Man turned to me with a big smile on his sweet little face and said, "Hey mom, you know what my favorite part of seeing the Dr. was?"

Me: "No honey, what was your favorite part?"

Then with an even bigger smile on his face, my precious son that Christ showed his loving mercy by dying on the cross for said:

"When she took off my pants."


Can I tell you that it took every bone in my body to not react to that! I simply told him to put his shoes and coat on and then turned around and let out a silent scream.

I have now added to my daily prayer list that Wild Man will have a pure heart and that I will not become a grandmother before I am 50.

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