Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Using Silhouette's Yellow heat transfer paper

My boys are like most kids, in that they get into a phase of toys like Thomas the train and then the next thing you know all they want to play with are action figures.

It gets expensive trying to keep up with what they are into next. Well, actually I don't keep up with it...the grandparents do that for us. Thanks guys!

So right now my boys are really into Batman, Spiderman, Ironman, Superman. Really anything that has man in the name and they are all about it.

Wild Man has been asking me for a Batman shirt for a couple of weeks now and quite frankly I didn't want to spend $15 on a tacky t-shirt especially when Christmas is coming up.

So...when I got the box from Silhouette I saw the yellow heat transfer paper and my wheels started turning.

I ran to Walmart and got two $3 long sleeve black shirts. Yay! for Walmart being so cheap!

I found an outline of a Batman emblem on the good ole google.

Then I simply printed it out on the back of the heat transfer paper.

Then I cut the bats out with my scissors.

Got my iron out...this is probably the first time I have used my iron in a couple of months.

I LOATH ironing!

But ironing these were kind of fun. Maybe cuz I didn't even actually have to move the iron back and forth...cuz you know that is a lot of work. ;)

I put a towel between the transfer paper and the iron...because the box on silhouette told me to and cuz I am a rule follower. Well today I am a rule follower. :)

And that was it! I have batman t-shirts and the boys LOVE them!

There is a rule somewhere that states.

One can not where a batman shirt without showing off ones muscles and then dancing like a crazy person.

Luckily I knew of this rule ahead of time, so we didn't go into public for a couple of hours after putting on the shirts.

Don't forget to enter my Silhouette products giveaway, so you too can make batman tshirts for your kids and they can dance like crazy people.

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Jenny said...

Cute shirts, Katie!! We're still in the Toy Story and Full House stage..and he also has an obsession with school buses. Kids are funny!


lemondedis said...

these are too cute! (the shirt and the boy ;) !) thanks a lot for sharing! i posted the link here: and there: