Saturday, January 3, 2009

Military Bound

A couple of weeks ago Mr. Genius decided that I should start cutting every one's hair (except my own of course). As nervous as I was about doing it I had to agree with him because it was getting harder and harder taking the boys when it was time to get Wild Man's haircut. Being that Romeo is so mobile now he isn't content staying in a stroller or in my arms the whole time. Then Wild Man wants me to stand right beside him and if I move away for a second to get Romeo he won't sit still til I come back. Then when it is time for Romeo to get a real haircut I know he will have to sit in my lap and then Wild Man will be free to tear up the entire store?

So on Thursday Mr. Genius went out and bought some nice clippers/shaver (whatever you call them). We sat Wild Man down on a stool in front of the TV and with snacks in hand we sat pretty still for his first home hair cut. Mr. Genius did the clippers first because I wanted to make sure I would do it right. We put on the longest attachment (I don't know what they are really called) or #8. That was the biggest in the case. Just so I could see if I like it and then we could go down from there. Mr. Genius just did the bottom of his hair and then I got the scissors to do the top.Wild Man's hair, I thought, turned out just fine.

Then Romeo needed some trimming up. So while I worked on the top of Wild Man's head Mr. Genius put Romeo in his high chair to fix him up.

If I knew that this was the last time I would see my baby boy as a baby I would have savored this moment for a little longer.

I should have greatly emphasized that we were just cutting scraggly hairs and the hair around his ears.

Mr. Genius was super excited about his new toy and really wanted to see how it would really cut.

I looked up just as Mr. Genius had done the first cut which was right down the middle of his head.

Now I have never been one to make my hair ruin my day. In high school if I had a bad hair day I would be bothered by it but never once cried over hair. I have heard of girls that cried over and bad hair days and I will admit I have laughed at them.

Well my kryptonite/weakness is my boys hair.

I busted out in tears and cried hysterically for about an hour. I couldn't help it. It was as though in one second my 14 month old just grew up and wasn't my little baby anymore.

Poor Mr. Genius, he did feel so bad, he tried to make it better. But they only thing he could do was shave the rest of the hair.

So here is the result...

My baby boy looks like he is about to join the military.

My dad asked where his recruitment papers are.

At least his hair is still sticking up in the back.

Just now looking at the last picture I see that he is also getting some cleavage too. Maybe we should start some basic training exercises.

Mr. Genius was still uses the #8 when he cut Romeo's hair, but since it is so blond and fine. It looked like he was bald in places when I first looked at him. Mr. Genius  just stopped cutting after he did the top, so the sides and back weren't cut. I don't have the heart to finish the job.

Coincidentally the boys have never seen me cry. So when I did, it made Romeo cry and Wild Man jump up and try to hand me his snacks, any toy he could find, and remind me that he was a good boy and sat still during his hair cut all the while patting me telling me it was going to be OK.

Which just melted my heart and made me cry more.

Not a pretty day in the our household.

Here is a picture of Romeo a week before at Christmas. It isn't a good picture but the best picture I could find to show you what his hair looked like before.

Like I said, he did need a hair cut.

So is rogaine bad for babies?


Susan Wyatt said...

katie, your posts make me laugh! i can picture you saying everything you say and it cracks me up. i think mason looks adorable, but i do unerstand about those first haircuts, they just dont look little anymore afterwards.

Melissa said...

Mason looks precious!! I have to say- your haircut story beats mine! At least Hadleigh did her own...not her Daddy! I would have cried too. He's still adorable though!! Such a sweetie!