Friday, January 30, 2009

What has been happenin'

Boy this has been a long month.

The sickness lasted for over 20 days I like to call the Hurlapalooza of 09!

First I got sick ,then Wild Man, then Romeo, then me, then Romeo, then me, then Romeo and me, then just me, then...well you get the picture.

It hasn't been fun.

Well truth be told we are not really sure if Romeo and I really got sick. Other people around us who got sick, would only be sick for 24 hours and then they were done. Mine would last for 3 or 4 days straight with 2 days of relief and then start all over again.

Also for those of you that had the privilege of knowing me right out of college knew I went through a crazy, random barfing phase.

Yes, you read that right.

Random barfing.

Kind of like random selection.

It was crazy I would be driving to work and all the sudden throw up all over myself.

Let me tell me you the first time it scared me to death. I had to turn around run home changed clothes cleaned my car, and gave my roommates a good laugh.

This happened for 4 straight years. Then just as suddenly as it started, it stopped.

I went to Dr.'s about it and they all assumed I was pregnant. I can not tell you how mad that would make me. I would ask them to give me a pregnancy test so they can see that that wasn't an option and then we can try to figure this out but nothing was ever determined.

Well we are wondering if it is starting up again and even worse we are wondering if Romeo has it too. The whole time Romeo and I were "sick" we never had a fever. Which is why I am thinking we didn't have a virus.

This morning Romeo threw up again in his bed but he didn't have a fever and he acts perfectly fine.

It is crazy.

Romeo has an appointment on Monday with the Dr. and since there is no way he can be pregnant I am hoping we can figure this out.

We are hoping it is something simple, like reflux.

Anyways, because we weren't sure if we were sick or not. We were stuck in the house the WHOLE time. Stir Crazy does not even describe how crazy we were feeling about our longing to get out.

I turned our garage into a playground.

We have given every toy car in the house a bath...three times.

Oh the days I was feeling good I actually started on my goal of organizing.

I am happy to say that I am DONE!

With just the kitchen that is.

But I am pretty proud of that considering I was laying on the floor half of the month.

Here are some pictures of the month.

Here is Wild Man giving his cars a bath.

This was a day I was actually feeling good, so I scrubbed the kitchen floor.

Romeo, who has turned into my little helper, wanted to help me.

But he has rules. He helps if I stand or sit right next to him. The second I pull back to relax or take a picture. He stops and tries to hand the brush back to me. As if to say " I'm not doing it if you aren't doing it."

Here he is giving me back to scrubber.

Also, because I am a gluten for punishment. I found a side table on Craigslist for FREE! I couldn't pass that up, and the boys need their own little eating table. So I started another project.

Here is the table when we first got it.

I didn't get a good after picture, but here are the boys in their capes around the table after I painted it.

I want to get little wooden chairs to put with them. I have been looking on craigslist but haven't found matching ones.

Here are the boys running around in the their capes.

One last story.

So I can make this my longest post ever.

Apparently I was sick so much that the boys went into survival mode. One time when I was hugging the porcelain throne.
Here is what I heard.

Romeo "Whaaaaa" probably doing sign language for eat.

Wild Man "Here little buddy I will get you something to eat."

Romeo "He He" that is him laughing. Which is what he does when he realizes you are giving him what he wants.

Wild Man "Would you like some grapes?"

I finally pulled myself up off the bathroom floor and grabbed my camera.

Here is Wild Man getting the grapes for Romeo.

The boy even got a bowl to put Romeo's grapes in.
Next I need to teach him to button his britches. Details go out the window when you can't haven't held food down in a few days.

Hopefully next month will be easier on us.


Lori said...

I go through random throwing up phases also. One day probably a year after college on the way to work going 75 mph down the interstate. I got sick everywhere in the car. I was closer to work than home and actually drove up to school with yuck all over me. They all said I was preggers too. Nope I wasn't. I haven't done it in a long time, but Cameron has a really weak stomach. If she eats to much junk she'll be puking. After her 2nd birthday she was sick and Christmas party at the daycare.

Sorry y'all have had a tough month. I just thought it was random that we've kind of had similar experiences.

Lyndsey said...

Funny! I remember your puking days when we lived together...hope it's not starting up again! Have you ever been checked for an inner ear problem or anything? On another note, the table looks very cute!! Stay well!

Katie said...

Inner ear. I haven't thought of that. I am kind of hoping that whatever they figure out is wrong with Mason is wrong with me. *fingers crossed* But things usually don't work out that easily for me.

anna said...

what a crappy month! at least you got a cute table out of it!

Melissa said...

So sorry you guys have been so sick! We have had the gunk and the kids have managed to pass diareah around for a whole 4 weeks!
DIS.GUST.ING! You get the picture. BTW- the table for the boys looks GREAT!! I love it!