Thursday, April 30, 2009

He's Baaaack

Last night Mr. Genius got back from new hire orientation in CA.

I do have to say that Apple has a lot of perks and is a great company to work for.

Mr. Genius is completely beside himself with excitement.

He was like a little kid showing me all the things that he received by now being an employee of the beloved Apple.

Like one thing he got was a shirt that has the Apple emblem on it and across the chest has the date of his start day with the company.

Isn't that crazy?

To further understand the excitement that Mr. Genius is feeling I have 2 stories to tell you...

The first takes place about 8 years ago.

Oh my goodness, I can't believe it has been that long ago.

I had just graduated from college and Mr. Genius was still in school.

Mr. Genius planned a day trip for us.

Our first outing.

I was so excited when he first told me that he was planning an outing.

Where could we go?

The Lake?


I knew it wasn't too far because we were both broke as a joke.

Then he told me where we were going.

To Memphis...

to graceland?

to mud island?

Nope. To the new Apple retail store that just opened.

That is right people we drove 3 and a half hours for Mr. Genius to buy the cheapest item he could find, just so he could say he bought something there and so that he could get a back with the Apple logo on it.

And then we drove right back.

I am pretty sure I got some brownie points from this trip.

Now fast forward to 2004.

We are married and we decided to go on a small vacation together.

(Pre kids)

I am not a huge beach fan, due to my skin scalding at the thought of the sun. So we looked at alternative places that were cheap.

Mr. Genius found an awesome deal to Chicago.

Isn't that ironic.

Can you guess why he came up with that city?

If you guessed to see an Apple retail store... you guessed right.

Of the 5 days that we were in Chicago. We went to the retail store at least 3 times.

2 of those times we sat in front of the store and waited for them to open.

With all that said, can you get a glimpse of how excited Mr. Genius is about working for this company?

I am very proud of him of making a goal and reaching it.

But there is one problem...

He is trying to convert the boys.

He went to the store inside Apple (where only Apple employees can shop) and bought the boys some jackets for the windy Chicago weather.

Seriously don't they look cultish?

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