Thursday, April 23, 2009

So far, so good

The house has been on the market for a week.

All I have to say is that people that live in a "perfect" house with kids...can not be happy people.

Of course I want to sell my house fast so we will not have to be paying for Mr. Genius to be flying back and forth, but I would like to sell soon so I don't have to stress out every time the boys are eating and I internally freak out every time the look like they are going to throw their food or just have finger prints on the walls.

I have to admit I am a much more fun mom when I don't have the stress of having the house on the market.

We have had good traffic in the house and even last weekend we got an offer! It was a really good offer but it was contingent that their house would sell. As excited as I was that we got an offer after only 3 days we just can't wait for them to sell their house. There are some factors about their house that will make it hard to sell.

We do hope that they come back when their house does sell.

We have had some good traffic. Although we had one couple come look at the house and the comments that they left were that they loved the house but it was out of their price range.

Ummm... don't you know the price before you come into the house?

I don't know, call me crazy, but that is a factor I look at BEFORE I even go into a house.


Anywho... Mr. Genius and I have been looking at houses up in Chicago. I have been quite surprised at how people decorate up there.

Totally old school country.

I am talking wallpaper, lace curtains, unpainted wood panelling. The whole bit.

Now to be living in Tennessee and to be shocked at how macy country decorations there are I think is saying something.

I guess I was just expecting more modern decor with it being in a big city.

For example there was one house that had a bath tub in the Master bedroom.

Yes IN it.

No, not in the bathroom.

Which was the door to the right of it.

But in the bedroom.


Then there is another that as soon as you walk out of the shower there is a HUGE full length mirror looking back at you.

If that doesn't get you motivated to go run a marathon or 2 I don't know what would.

It is hard to pick out houses when you don't really know the areas and you can't walk into them. I probably won't go up there until we have a contract on the house. Lord willing that will be really soon.

Mr. Genius flies to California to the mothership (AKA Apple headquarters) on Sunday for training. He will get an Iphone and a laptop. As you can imagine he is walking around on cloud 9.

We have another showing tomorrow and hopefully some more will come by this weekend.

Thank you everyone for all of your prayers a support. We really appreciate it.

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