Thursday, April 9, 2009

FINALLY I was about to burst!

As most of you know now... we are moving to Chicago!

I can finally say it on here!

Mr. Genius has been interviewing for this position since January! This has been a very long and drawn out process. An emotional roller coaster for sure.

That is one reason I haven't been posting much lately.

Remember when I said that my news years resolution was to organize the house in a year?

Well I actually finished one of my resolutions!

In 3 months.

We had our garage sale last weekend (which was a huge success). So we are free from all that clutter. Not saying we don't have anymore clutter here.

Anyone that knows Mr. Genius knows that he has a passion for Apple Computers.

That I loving refer to as "the cult".

But all kidding aside, he truly has a God giving talent on the knowledge with these computers. So it has been a dream of his to work for them since he was in elementary school.

Yes I am serious... since elementary school.

So marrying him I knew that we would have to move to where ever Apple called us to when the opportunity came.

Well this time God flung the door wide open for us. So there is no doubt that Chicago is where we need to be.

Mr. Genius has interviewed with Apple for at least 15 positions, and it most certainly wasn't because he was not qualified for the jobs that he did not get them, it was obvious that it was God that closed the door.

This time last year Mr. Genius was starting to interview for a job with Apple in Charlotte when the economy went kaput and Apple went on a hiring freeze.

So a year later Apple called him to see if he was interested in the job in Chicago. He went ahead and said yes before talking to me (which is unusual). When he called and told me what he did, I had an overwhelming feeling that I knew that this was the job that we were going to get. I can't explain the feeling no more then to say it was the Holy Spirit giving me a peace about it.

I am at peace about it but it doesn't mean that I am not sad about moving either.

The funny thing about this is for one is that I said that I would never live in Murfreesboro.

I have been living here for 13 years! Now I am sad to leave it.

I also said that I would NEVER live in the north especially when I have kids.

I think I need to start saying, I will never be a millionaire or I will never have my old prebaby body back.

Maybe I can get this to work to my benefit.

So got sidetrack there.

As far as the job goes (I am sure Mr. Genius will correct me if I am wrong). Mr. Genius title will be Project Manager. He will be working with the Chicago Public School system.

Now I don't understand all the details of his job but what I do understand is that Chicago Public Schools recently converted from Dell computers to Apple computers. Which is a really big order considering how big their school system is. He will mostly be working with the Board members and the IT Managers to make sure they are happy with the computers and work with them when they have problems. But he will not be the typical IT guy that you call when you can't get your computer to turn on, but He will make sure that the Chicago School System IT people can handle that.

One big thing that made Mr. Genius immediately start drooling over the job was that before new software and hardware comes out they will send it to Mr. Genius to play with to see if there will be any kinks in it or if there could be any improvements to it that will benefit the school system.

So they had Mr. Genius at the word prerelease.

When Mr. Genius told me about that part I knew that there would be no turning back with this job. We were in for the long haul.

So he turned in his 2 week notice today and his last day at Flat Earth will be on April 22nd.

He will fly out to Cupertino, CA (AKA the cult headquarters) and get trained on something or other and after 3 days come home. They will then either get him to train more here in Nashville or fly him back and forth to Chicago for about a month. They would like for us to be up there by May 26th (I think).

So I am asking you to join us in praying for 1 for our house to sell quickly and 2 that I would completely loose my mind by trying to keep our house perfect with 2 very messing and crazy boys.

Which one, by the way, is completely potty trained!!!

I think I hear the hallelujah chorus.

Sorry sidetracked again.

We would really appreciate your prayers at this time.

I will be doing my best to keeping the blog updated but I do know that I will be pretty occupied with cleaning hand prints and pee that doesn't seem to make it to the toilet.

So with all that said... Anyone want to buy a house!!


Nashvillians Now said...

I found your blog off of Facebook. I love reading blogs!
Anyway, that is huge and exciting news and how wonderful that you feel so led by God to it. I am happy your hubby was able to score his dream job!

I will be happy to pray for you!

I know for a fact how hard it is to move. I was dead set against it actually. However, when Kevin interviewed on the job in Nashville, I knew before he even really talked to them that we would be moving. I felt God totally leading me and preparing me for it. It was only 2.5 hours away from home but in many ways it is a big culture change.
However, God has blessed us abundantly here and continues too. I know he will do the same for you in Chicago. God is great and he only works for our good. There is a huge amount of comfort in that for me!
Many blessings to you and your family,

Lori said...

Yea!!! Katie that is so exciting!! I love moving and I know how hard moving can be. It is so fun because you get to meet new people who have no preconceived notions of who you are and you get to learn a new community. It's hard because you miss friends & traditions. The great thing is with facebook it is so much easier to stay in touch. I'll be praying for y'all.

Lauren Cyster said...

Dear Katie,
How exciting, I LOVE CHICAGO. I know how exciting moving is and how nervous it can make you too (We are planning on moving to England in two years, so that has me biting my nails sometimes, but also is so exciting.) I hope your house sells quickly and it is a smooth transition for you guys!

Lyndsey said...

We love you guys and are so excited for you!! What an awesome opportunity...I know we didn't get to see y'all that often but I'm still a little sad knowing you won't be in the Boro when we pass though. We'll be praying. Keep up updated!