Tuesday, March 9, 2010

All alone

This weekend Mr. Genius sent me to a night in the city ALL. BY. MYSELF!

I was so excited. I was also a little nervous being in the city by myself but quickly got over it once I got there.

My emotions have been completely out of wack so I really needed a break.

I was mostly excited about not having to make my bed after waking up in the morning.

I was also looking forward to not having to constantly tell someone no along with constantly coming up with creative answers to the question why.

I love my boys dearly but was ready for a break.

I was dropped off at the train station and during my train ride into the city I got to read a book...uninterrupted!

Then I walked from the train station to my hotel. It was so nice to just walk at my own pace and enjoy the scenery.

Once I got into the hotel I got to just sat in silence. Ahhh!

But first I got to take a nap. ;)

Then I went across the street to the mall.

I think I skipped across the street.

I walked into Nordstrom and I apparently pick the perfect day to go because they were doing free make overs! Who Hoo some else got to put on my make up! I only wear make up on Sundays...because I decided that I don't want my boys to have false impressions of how girls should look...or I am lazy.

Dior had an open seat. I have never worn Dior makeup before. I will say that I loved the way it looked right after she put it on, but by later on that night my skin was as shiny as it was when I was in high school. So my Bare Essentuals works just fine when I actually take the time to put it on.

That morning I got an email from Sephora to come and pick up my birthday gift from them. So I got some free make up from them.

Gotta love free pampering.

Now this next part may just show how much I do not get out. I went to the food court to get some lunch a quietly enjoy it. Ahhh.

As I was sitting down I noticed the tv was playing music videos. None of which I knew.

I used to be so on top with what music was popular. Now I just listen to Baby Einstein and the Fresh Beat band.

But I am cool enough to have seen Taylor Swift on Ellen and I know that I like Taylor swift as a person.

So apparently since Wild Man was born over 4 years ago there is a new thing out where you can text a number to the tv at the mall and it will play the videos you want to see.

How new is this? I told you I don't get out much.

So wanted to see a Taylor Swift video... and pretend I was 16 and cute again.

I did hear some groans around me over the music I chose, apparently other people didn't want to pretend they were teenagers again.

Oh well, get over it people. I am enjoying myself! Which apparently involves Taylor Swift at the moment.

Later on I went back to the hotel and ran across a show that I now love.

It is called My life as Liz.

Have you seen it? It is hilarious.

One reason I have not run across it before is because it is on MTV.

Told you I was trying to be a teenager again.

I also got to use this time to reflect over the past 3 months.


What have a I learned through dad's death?
  • One thing I learned really soon after dad's passing. When someone passes you do something for the family...anything for the family. Whether it be to pick them up from the airport (thank you Beth), take care of the kids during the service, just emailing them to tell them you are sorry, or just giving them a hug when you see them with out saying a word. It doesn't matter what you do, just do something.
  • I learned that we have no guarantee about tomorrow. I have heard that for years in church. But not that I felt that my family was invincible. But dad was in good health and it was so far from our minds that he would have a heart attack. Due to me feeling like the security blanket has been ripped out from under us, I have gotten a little paranoid over bad things happenings to everyone around me. 
Am I angry at God?
  • NO! I have never once gotten mad at God. I have questioned why God took dad when He did, but I know that He has a good reason for it. That is one question I will ask when I get to heaven. 
I get sad when I see old men. I wonder what dad would have looked like with a head full of grey hair.

I get jealous when I hear people say that they are going to see or talk to their dad. I want to do that so bad. So all of you out there that still have your dad down here, give him a big hug for me.

What really breaks my heart is when Wild Man asks questions.

The other dad Wild man asked me when Pop's birthday is. I told him August 15th. Wild Man got excited and asked if that is when Pop will come back down to earth to play. He thinks since it is Pop's special dad, God will let him come down from heaven that day. *tear*

All in all it was a great time to just get away and do something for me. I definitely want to do it again and possibly stay longer and next time actually buy something other then food.

Girls weekend anyone?!

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