Monday, March 22, 2010

Just another day...

Today I dropped Wild Man off at preschool and it was "his" day.

Wild Man will get to ring the bell when it is time to clean up, be the leader in the line, and he gets to bring the snack for the day.

Translation in 4 year old terms: Wild man was the cool kid today.

I let Wild Man pick out what snack he wanted to bring.

He chose Fruit by the foot.

Translation: You remember fruit roll ups as a kid? It is like that but they made it into a loooooong skinny strip so as your kids are eating it while walking around and pick up all kinds of dirt as it drags on the floor behind them.

When Wild Man walked into the classroom, you should have heard the kids. They saw the snack Wild Man was carrying and quite frankly I think I would have gotten the same reaction if I walked into the room full of geeks with the new Ipads. Wild Man loved the attention so much he paced the room holding up the snacks for everyone to see and admire.

Then Romeo and I left to get his hair cut.

Let just saw that I dread getting Romeo's hair cut. Whoever said that girls are the ones with the drama clearly didn't have boys.

Last time Romeo got his hair cut I literally had to lay on top of him to keep him in the seat. And yes he was strapped in. As a two year old he is surprisingly strong.

Today we found the secret to a peaceful haircut.

Baby Einstein.

It is so nice to have a peaceful haircut!

One thing I did realize today.

Romeo LOVES his big brother. He does whatever big brother does and whatever he says to do. One thing I didn't realize is that he wants to be his big brother. When people ask him how old he is, Romeo says 4. The first time it happened I didn't think much about it, but today was the forth time in 2 days. I realized he is saying it because this is what the beloved big bro says when he is asked how old he is.

Sigh, one more thing to add to the list of "what we need to work on". Another is improving our (not mine of course) aim at the potty, and not constantly saying the same thing over and over and over and over. It just drives me batty.

Then after naptime the boys wanted to go outside and play for a bit.

They really wanted our across the street neighbor to come out and play with them. I just said, "We can just wait to see if they come out to play."

Well...they did.

Then it was time for me to start cooking dinner. Which is when all problems happen.

Romeo was playing with something and then he tripped and fell right on the corner of our coffee table.

Do you see his third eye? What you can't see from the picture the is that third red eye sticks out a good bit. It will be there for a while. But as you can see having a extra eye hasn't slower little Romeo down a bit.

Just another day in our household.

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awww how cute is romeo getting a haircut!
thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on the candlesticks. I'm glad you are inspired to make some! I loved making them, so easy!