Thursday, July 22, 2010


The other day I was making lunch for the boys and Wild Man and I got into a deep discussion.

Wild Man" So mom... when are we supposed to get married?"

Me, "Well honey I am already married to your daddy. But one day you will marry one of your girl friends."

Wild Man, "Oh...I think I will marry my friend E. "

Just so you know he actually used her real name. We are weird but not that weird that we refer to people by the first letter in their name.

Me, "Well she is really cute. I think she would be a good wife to have. Now where will you live when you get married?"

Wild Man, "Duh, mom. We will live here since all my hot wheel cars are here."

Me,"That is important to keep your hot wheels cars... Do you think that you will have any babies?"

Wild Man, " Of course! We will have a girl named Elise!"

He was very excited about that. Can you tell he has been bugging me for a baby sister?

Me, "So when baby Elise wakes up in the middle of the night will you get up and help the baby?"

Wild Man, "No mom that's a girl job." Rolling his eyes.

Apparently I have some more training to do.

Me, "So what will your job be?"

Wild Man, "I will go to work with daddy and work on apple computers."

Mr. Genius is so proud

So peeps, let me introduce to you the future Ms. Wild Man. Who will be living with me, while playing hot wheels, and being the only one the get up to care for her baby girl Elise. Such a fun future for her.

Isn't she cute? I also like her because she can tell Wild man what to do AND HE DOES IT!!!!

I think it may actually be a good idea for her to live with us for a little while.

I should let you know that I do not randomly take pictures of my boys girlfriends. I took these pictures for a review for one of my sponsors. But it turns out that the sponsor got a HUGE corporate order in. Which is a amazing blessing due to her trying raise money to adopt. But since she is so busy with the huge order she isn't able to take other orders.

E was so proud to get some pictures taken that I couldn't leave them out.

What can I say? I am just a proud future mother in law. ;)

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Christina said...

SUCH a cute story! Love the things that come out of kids' mouths :) You are blessed!

Serendipity said...

So cute!! Stopping by from SITS :)

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

She is so cute!

And too funny! Love the story.

Ann Sheafer said...

Cute cute story. My daughter who is 7 says she is never leaving our house, NEVER going to college, and NEVER NEVER going to marry a stupid boy. I am sure she'll change her mind soon enough but for now I say, "Sure honey you can live with your Mommy and Dadd forever." Lol

raggygirlvintage said...

So sweet when they just want to live with your forever! My son told me this past week HE doesn't clean toilets, his WIFE would take care of that one day (!!) You can guess what Dad had to do when he got home!!

Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek said...

adorable. :)

BeccaMcD said...

Arranged marriages are totally underrated!! Too cute:)