Monday, July 5, 2010

Time Machines

Here is a quick fact for you.

In the movie 'Back to the Future', Doc sets the clock in the DeLorean to a day 25 years in the future...Today is that day.

How crazy is that?!

Now we don't have flying cars and clothes that instantly blow up and dry on their own, or hoover boards.

But we can surf the Internet and write a blog post while driving down the interstate!!!

Thank you Sprint MiFi card and thank you Mr. Genius' job for giving him one!

But I would really love to have a time machine right now.

You now what time I would go back to?

Well that would be Yesterday around noon.

I know that yesterday on the 4th of July at lunch time was not a significant time to where I can solve world peace, or find the perfect jeans that would make every woman look sexy.

Instead it would have been a time that me and my family could have had our perfect revenge.

Please understand one thing though. My family is not one to seek out revenge of any sort normally.

But apparently when you speak badly of our children... we will want to hunt you down.

So let me share the scenario with you and see if you wouldn't do the same thing.

Yesterday my mom, both brothers, their families and my little pose decided to eat at Mimi's cafe.

I personally consider Mimi's as a child friendly restaurant.

They have booster seats, a special kids menu in which include crayons for the kids to color on, and they usually have a complementary kids snack plate that they bring out as soon as you sit down so the kids are occupied while you can look over the menu.

To me...that equals kid friendliness.

We sat at our table, enjoyed our meal also knowing that this is one of the last times we will be spending together before we all leave to go our separate ways the next day.

Towards the end of the meal, little 22 months old Griffin was getting a little antsy. Like every 22 month old in the entire world after sitting for an hour.

He got down from his seat and walked over to Romeo and started talking to him in his own little Griffin language to which Romeo acted as though he understood then started gently honking Griffin's nose. The boys giggled and then Griffin walked to Wild man and did the same thing. It was really cute.

Then a woman walked up to Mr. Genius that I refer to as the devil woman, and tapped on his shoulder and said.

"Back in my day we were taught to control our children and to be quiet and well-behaved in restaurants."

Holy Cow!

I do not think my blood has gone from cool and calm to completely boiling in a matter of seconds.

Mind you even though we are in the south this was not said in a sweet southern accent more of the devils tongue in human form.

As she was walking off she also stated that she would like to enjoy her meal.

Any other time you meet me please know that I am a kind person. I love the Lord and do my best to please Him.

That is until I met a devil woman that is talking bad about my kids and my nephew.

Then...well...that spirit leaves me.

So I whipped around and said "well thanks but we are enjoying our meal just fine as we are."

She replied" Well I am not"

I then stated "You should have gone to another restaurant then."

She sat down and smiled the most evil smile I have ever seen.

I was so mad I was shaking.

We were all just in shock we didn't know what to say.

As we left my sweet mom walk over and I that she was sorry that we disturbed her but the family is stretch out all over the nation and do not get to see each other much so we were enjoying watching the cousins interact with each other.

As mom walked away, the devil woman made a rude face then looked at me and gave me a look of " I won, so whatcha going to do about it."

And this is when I had an out of body experience.

I walked over got right in her face and said in my best southern passive aggressive draw.

Well back in my day, really old lady's like yourself were actually nice which is quite unlike yourself.  Maybe you should learn from them."

I admit, not is my best comeback but I couldn't even think straight.

We all ran out of there to cool off.

As we were cooling off we were going over the situations in our head. Thinking back through the whole lunch. Wondering if the boys were really that bad. In all honesty they really weren't. They acted like a normal 1, 2, 3, and 4 year olds. But they weren't "uncontrollable" and the devil lady was making them out to be.

But don't you just hate it when you have a conversation with someone and it isn't until later you think of the perfect thing to do or say?

That is exactly what happened.

My sister in law Kat has seen just about every movie and can quote any movie scene to fit any occasion.

After cooling off she remembered in 'Dumb and Dummer' where I guess Jim Carey shouts "The nice lady over there wants to pay for all of our meals."

That is totally what we should have done!!!

So I need to find a time machine to take me back to after she comes up to us and then tell the waitress that the nice lady in the stripper looking clothes would love to pay for our meal cuz she has been so delighted in watching our children.

Then as we were walking out we would just walk by thanking her profusely.

How awesome would have that of been?

Is it bad that I have been daydreaming about that?

I guess I am partially evil.

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Kenzie said...

I totally know what you mean about figuring the perfect thing to say 20 minutes after the fight is over. I am so sorry that this happened to you and your family. Boo the devil lady! I despise (I really want to say hate, but that's not very nice so despise will have to do) mean people, especially when their cruelty is towards children! I am sure back in her day children were supposed to be seen and not heard, beaten with a belt and were not allowed to speak unless spoken to. Obviously she should not have been let off her leash! I am sad she ruined your lunch, but I am so glad you had the guts to stand up to her!

Boo the Devil Lady! I hope she stubs her toe and it hurts really bad (I really wanted to say chokes on her tea and keels over but that's not nice either)! I hope you have a better day!

Amanda@The Hand Me Down House said...

That little tidbit about Back to the Future is kinda crazy! And your comeback to Devil Lady totally cracked me up!! :) But don't ya just hate it when people act like her? : (

Misty @ Random said...

I am so sorry a stranger had to ruin your nice day with family. It is so sad that people can't mind their own business! I think I would have showed less restraint than you did! If I had a time machine, I'd take you back; that WOULD have been hilarious! ;oD

Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek said...

What a mean lady! I can't believe she would do that! I always think of comebacks later, too. And then I reenact the scene in front of the mirror while I'm doing my hair in the morning. :)

RenaeF said...

Geez! I am so sorry this happened to you some people are such jerks! They need to learn if they want a meal in silence they should just eat at home :P

Reid said...

Sorry to correct you sister, but July 5, 2010 is never mentioned in any of the Back to the Future movies. In the first movie, Doc Brown only sets the car to go one minute in the future from Oct. 26, 1985. In the second movie they travel to October 21, 2015 which has the flying cars and hoverboards, but that is still 5 years away. Sorry to correct you but apparently everyone on the internet today got it wrong for some weird reason.

tessie said...

I also had that happen to me and my small son at "the Sound of Music' play the matinee showing. A "lady" behind us told me to make my child sit still and be quiet(he was not doing anything unruly). It makes your stomach lurch when someone is so callous about a small child having a good time. You have to wonder what makes a person that way.

craftykat said...

Oh man, I'm sorry you had to deal with a nasty woman like that.. it does get you all bunched up... I have a friend who was in Starbuck's with her infant son - about 6 months at the most, and he's all laughing and happy- a woman walked up to her and asked her all snotty if she could keep her child "quiet", she couldn't concentrate because of it... well hmmm... last time I was in Starbuck's, those espresso machines are about as stinkin loud as you can all get out, and there's not a lot of concentrating in there... it's not the blasted library for goodness sake! My friend just told her, "no, I can't, he's a baby and he's happy." I don't blame you for getting so upset... :( but at least you called her on her stinky behavior. If she wants that much peace and quiet she needs to go to a fancy restaurant where she can be uptight all by herself.

Beverly @ said...

Well - what a stinky lady. At least you thought of something to say - I always freeze up and then think of all the clever things later.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Oh, I so have to laugh out loud...being a mother of six, and at one time, four under age 7!!! Now that I am older with grey hair, and my four year old does something others might not like...OH, is just too short and if it raises the hairs on their neck...well get a life!!!!
Kids are what it is all about. I love them, enjoy them, and can't wait to be a grandmother one day.
I feel sorry for her....she missed enjoying the preciousness of a child. Life must have handed her some bad apples.
Been there.....blessings as you continue to enjoy your family,
Thanks for stopping by my blog to see my table,

Jessica @ Take Two Designs said...

Oooh, girl....that's making my blood pressure go up just reading it!

I understand about having a comeback 20 minutes after its over. I just think of it as a way that God keeps my mouth shut to keep me from saying anything that I would regret. Cuz He knows I will say it if I think of it!

Some old women are just mean. I don't think they have those sensors that tell them when to keep their mouths shut.

I enjoy your blog very much, by the way!

Butlers R Us said...

All I can say is I know I dont know you but I am so proud of you :)
My blood is boiling just thinking about it but if I had been in the same situation I dont think I would have spoken up, I would have liked to rip her arms off but my mind doesnt work that fast. Good for you for speaking your mind. Hopefully it gives you some comfort knowing that KARMA is real :) She is probably a horribly miserable person and was envious of the family your were sharing your time with. Know that eventhough you didnt get her to pick up your tab, she will get hers.
Congrats on standing up for your family!

Sandra {sawdust and paper scraps} said...

OK, your afterthought comeback made me laugh out loud. I wonder if it would have worked.

I wouldn't have said anything because I never come up with anything on the spot. I hate it when people do something so moronic and it ruins the atmosphere for a good while because "nice" people like you and your family get their feelings hurt and spend time trying to figure out what went wrong.

I'm going to try to teach myself to be more callous so I don't take things like that so personally. Kind of take on a "whatever" attitude so perfectly evil strangers can't ruin my day.

Good for you for standing up to her.

Amber said...

How dare that devil lady!! That gets my blood boiling just reading it!

Kelli said...

What a mean old lady! I, too, get very defensive when someone 'attacks' my kids ,especially when it's for no reason (Ok, no matter what, I get defensive), but really...she should get a grip on her manners and attitude! I'm glad you stuck up for your family, and even if SHE thinks she won...look at all the support YOU have!! ha...ha...ha...old lady, take that!

Lori said...

Oh my, UGH!!! I'm mad at her and I love that you responded. That was so ugly for her to say that and it's not like your kids were even throwing a fit. She wouldn't want to end up in the same restaurant as us. We never know when one of the girls are going to decide it's time for a full on fit. I've carried a screaming kid out of a restaurant in our 5 1/2 years of parenting.