Thursday, July 29, 2010

I have never claimed to be a cook

A while back ago I mentioned that I have to now eat Gluten Free...along with Soy, corn, Olive oil, and egg yolk free.

Meal time has been interesting here. 

Basicly I just eat meat, fruit and veggies. Oh and for dressing I use mustard because EVERY dressing has either olive oil or egg yolk or soy in it. I dare you try to find one without any of those ingredients.

I could make one myself. But I don't think about it until I am ready to eat right then and mustard is right there.

So my Dr mentioned that I might try to start adding egg yolk back into my diet just to see how my body reacts. Well actually they said wait a month. But I am not a patient person and I was needing something different to eat.

So the boys and I made my first gluten free food today.

Chocolate chip cookies.

Last week I found some coconut flour on clearance and I had a huge block of chocolate that I found in my pantry. So I just went with it.

Now I have a confession to make. I haven't had a real dessert since I start this lifestyle change. So when I found this big bar of chocolate I was so excited I took a big bite out of it.

...Or two.

Two months with no dessert equals no self control.

Do not linger a brownie in front of my face. You may loose a finger.

You have been fore warned.

So this BIG block of chocolate needed to be broken down.

I enlisted the help of people who love to bang on things.

Luckily they live with me and will do anything I ask when I tell them that there will be cookies.

Yes, the chocolate is in the bottom of the bread bag. I just ran out of bread and thought I would go with it.

So the pounding with the Handy Manny tools didn't work.

I then put the chocolate in a grocery bag and began to pound it on our concrete steps out in front of our house.

Don't you think our neighbors just love us?

I didn't get a picture of this process due to Wild man decided that Romeo's head would work better then the steps.

Sigh, apparently kindness is a virtue I need to work on with the boys.

We then went inside and I started to put the ingredients together.

Then I got some wild hair and said lets make this thing a cookie cake!

See in life it is good to go with the flow and roll with the punches.

In DIYing it is also a good thing to go with the flow and roll with the punches.

In baking it is NOT good the go with the flow and roll with the punches.

I didn't know that gluten free cookies are drier. Therefore making a gluten free cookie cake makes for just a really big dry, I need to drink something after every bit just so I do not choke on it type of cookie.

Not to mention, it is really ugly.

And the top and bottom where burnt. The picture doesn't show that very well.

Luckily the boys love it but since they too haven't had a dessert in two months I think they would have eaten brussel sprouts if I coated them in chocolate.

Don't worry I will stick with my projects and stay away from baking.

Oh and I had a stomach ache after eating it. So here goes another month before we add egg yolk back.

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Christina said...

Aw sorry to hear the cookie didn't turn out quite how you wanted it...but it made for an entertaining story! :) Try "Pamelas's" gluten-free mom is gluten free and she says there is a BIG difference between gluen free flours!

Good luck :)

The Trotter Family said...

I don'[t know what kind of stores you have near you, but a lot of the big grocery stores are starting to carry gluten free flour. Usually these flours are a blend and bake better than just one type of flour. Macaroons are a good gluten free dessert too! I would also check Amazon for allergen free recipe books. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I feel for you. My son only ate about 10 foods when he was first diagnosed with food allergies and gluten and soy are soooooo hard to live without. But you can do it. Check out my blog

We now only avoid milk and eggs but you might find something there as well as some links to other blogs, welcoming kitchen has lots of recipes for gluten free and egg free. Good luck!

emerson-j said...

my dad and stepmum are gluten free and i have diabetes and ibs so i probly should be, im a cheat baker and came across gluten muffins in a box (just add water and maybe an egg?) they were really nice and chocolatey!!

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. A few months back I attended a presentation that my personal trainer had with this woman from a website who has celiac disease. I visited her site and she had a lot of gluten free recipes. I think there is a 14 day free period where you can download things for free. I will say that this woman looked fantastic and she mentioned that she feels so much better now that she is gluten free. I think the site was called The Healthy Edge. Wish I remembered for sure. I guess you could Google it to see.

Good luck!

Chris and Dawn said...

I second Pamela's Chocolate Chunk cookies. I prefer these over normal chocolate chip cookies. It does call for one egg, but I've used egg substitutes before. If you make them with real butter, the cookies come out a little crisper. If you like softer, chewier cookies, make it with Brummel & Brown. They're almost like muffin tops then. Yum!

rebekah said...

they make cook books for this kind of thing katie! LOL

on a side note, chris & i are looking at a Queen Bed in Franklin for the future home. Do you think $500 is a good price? or should we try to get it for a little less? We are going to paint it black!

Thank you Craigslist Queen!