Monday, August 2, 2010

Best comment EVER!

Isn't facebook such a wondrous thing?

Really how would we keep up with all of our high school friends that we haven't seen since...well high school.

Or in this case a middle school best friend.

My friend Kendra put on her facebook that she was thinking of doing the switch from PC to Mac.

Well considering that Mr. Genius works for Apple and in return Apple pays for my mortgage. I am hoping she makes the switch.

Now I have not always been a big Mac fan. One of my first jobs out of college was selling Dell computers.

Mr. Genius and I were just dating at the time and I knew NOTHING... NOTHING about computers.

During training to work for Dell, you had to take a test everyday over what you learned the day before.

If you didn't pass then you were fired.

It is my God's wisdom that I passed those tests everyday, and for no other reason then that.

Don't believe me?

Well my second day of actually selling computers (BTW I sold them over the phone) a customer called in and asked for a NIC card.

I said sure and put him on hold and then promptly freaked out and called Mr. Genius and screamed "THIS GUY WANTS A NIC CARD!!! WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!!"

Mr. Genius responded. "Seriously Katie, how did you get that job?"

Anywho back to the comment that I have deemed as the best comment ever.

When Kendra asked for people opinions about switching to mac and boy did she gets some.

Most people said that she should switch and then one person said how expensive they are and that you can get 2 PC laptops for the price of 1 mac book.

Which is true.

Then someone named Scott whom I would love to meet said this;

Therefore the people shall be separated, one from another, the Macs on the right and the PCs on the left. It will be said to the PCs, "we relied on thee but ye crashethed, we took care of thee but ye got many viruses, we called thine helpline, but we couldn't understandeth thy Bangladesh accent." Then they shall be sent away to the endless gnashing of teeth. To the Macs it will be said, "we asked for speed and ye delivered, as fast as the lightning flasheth from the east to the west, we just wanted to get our work done, and ye made it so intuitive and easy for us, we wanted that "wow" factor, and ye were way, way cool." Then they shall enter into eternal paradise, and forever be in peace. Gospel of St. Macintosh, 25:32-46


Oh and I have had some people asked me to get a feed button, and now I have one at the top of my blog!! 

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rebekah said...

That was so funny, i had to read it to my mom...who knows nothing about my computers...but laughed anyway.

Higgs Happenin's said...

That's freaking awesome.

Ashley Ann said...

We are big-time mac users! Could NEVER-EVER go back to PC!

That comment was too great!!

Thanks for sharing, can't wait to show it to my hubby!

sandandstarfish said...

? for you...
is it okay if I use this comment in an upcoming giveaway that I'm hosting? it's for an apple product and this would be INCREDIBLE to post along with it!

Kat said...

So funny!

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

It is on my list of wants to change to a MAC, I loved them. As an Interior Design drop out these babies stole my heart.

Give the hubs a hug for me and tell him a crazy lady on the net loves that MAC pays your mortgage.

James said...

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Random Momma said...

Love it! Moved to a Mac 2 years ago and never want to go back!

Brandy said...

Awesome!! Been a Mac family for 4 yrs! Never going back!

Debs said...

LOL This actually made me laugh out loud...I wonder how many read Scott's comment as though reading a real scripture? LOL

Anonymous said...

Can I Please please please please please repost that comment??? I am a HUGE apple fan and am constantly making comments like "Virus? Nope, I got a Mac!"

I just love it!!!

you can find me at co4hfamily at gmail dot com or on FB /serve4life

Coretta said...

When my laptop crashed the mac fans were so effusive and voracious with their love of all things mac that I bought one that weekend. So far so good. But I haven't learned to do everything I want on it yet, and it took me a while to figure out that Safari was the internet. But maybe that's just me.