Tuesday, August 10, 2010

From the mouth of babes.

Right now we are really working on Wild Man keeping his room clean.

There is always a battle isn't there?

If it isn't keeping the clothes off the floor it is not passing gas in public....and then letting everyone know within a 10 foot radius that you claim it.


After I took pictures of my picture frame in my room Wild Man wanted a piece of the action.

I went on downstairs with Romeo while Wild Man took some pictures.

Here is Wild Man's self portrait.

He also took pictures of his prized possessions.

His cars.

And his Hot wheels blanket that Nana made for him.

He even took a picture of the guest room.

Then as he was showing me all of his pictures, he showed me this picture.

I asked what that was.

He said it is your shirt mom.

And then added, look at this picture too mom.

Then he looked at me very seriously and said, "Mom, your room is really messy. You really need to clean it up."

So I may or may not have knocked the clothes off the bed to the floor to take a picture of the frames above the bed. But really who actually keeps their room perfect?

But since we are working on Wild Man keeping a 4 year old version of a perfect room, I better start working on my a little more.

So there you are people, my dirty laundry for the world to see.

One day when I am really daring (and under heavy medication) I will show you my closet.

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Kelli said...

That is HILARIOUS~!!~ My kids keep me accountable, too...sometimes fun, sometimes not so much!

Holly @ Roller Coaster Life said...

HAHA 4 sounds like a fun age!! We just entered the land of 3!! He is getting the hang of being good but still being Cameron!

You are very trusting to let him have your camera!

So cute =)

Kenzie said...

Love it! My 3 year old is obsessed with my camera, she won't use hers because it's not pink! I love the makeover too!

transientzephyr said...

Your blog is wonderful; you always crack me up! I love your project ideas and appreciate your honesty about real life...sometimes we do try to gloss over the rough edges, but that is where we tend to find the best stories.

alicia said...

haha! Love it! So busted!
My kids will say that when they come into my closet (lucky for me, my closet is big enough to hold the clothes mess). My daughter who is the eternal brown noser will say "well, you can have it messy b/c you are the one who cleans it, and you just don't want our rooms to look this bad" er... yeah. something like that. ;)

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i call it my "travelling mess" when i take blog pictures of my house... the items that clutter a space just travel around the room so that i can get good pictures of what my house would look like if my family didn't actually live there. ;)

The Trotter Family said...

I finally ran across the flour that works for baking. It is called Namaste flour and it is gluten free. I have tried other flours and they turn out gritty, but this one is great for baking. You can't even tell the difference!

Allison said...

I was laughing out loud reading your post tonight. So funny! I needed some humor tonight. Your son sounds adorable and sounds like he keeps you on his toes. I love the photo of your shirt he found on the floor! Thanks for sharing this post, Katie. Very honest and veyr funny.

Sandra {sawdust and paper scraps} said...

So funny. I only wish my daughter would notice how messy I am. (In the few places that rings true of course. Like the top of my dressers because my clothes don't all fit in and our closet is the size of a shoe box...) That would mean that she is not completely oblivious to mess and disorder. Ah, I'll keep dreaming.

HeatherBerry said...

I have a 3 yr old wild man. Right now I pay his big sister a quarter to throw his toys in the closes...lol. Great tutorials!